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Yankee Doodle Hockey

BeckettThe last time I was at Yankee Stadium, the Marlins were celebrating on the field while 'New York, New York' rang out through the public address system.

Word on the street is, the last time I visit the old ballpark might just be for a hockey game.

According to a story in today's Daily News, there is talk that the Rangers will play  a Yankee Stadium Classic before the park is torn down. A potential hockey game would be the last sporting even played in the stadium, upsetting more than a few baseball purists. They must not remember how Yankee Stadium, the Polo Grounds, Tiger Stadium et al, were also home to professional football teams back in the day.

But yeah, I understand why people would want the Yankees to be the last ones to play something inside the stadium. After seeing how the Orange Bowl was treated, I really don't care. The Yanks are getting a brand new playground built right next door, one that is costing a bundle. They'll be fine. A little hockey game isn't going to hurt anyone.

How about Rangers-Panthers? I wouldn't put a ton of money on that one.

-- Read all about the Bronx Rangers here from our pal John Dellapina Don't get the hot dogs at Yankee Stadium...

-- Panthers are coming up with a pretty good gimmick, trying to get fans to name the Weiss-Horton-Booth line. It does need a nickname, that's for sure. Fans can submit their nickname, with the team posting the best ones online. Then fans can vote on it. One fan is going to walk away with autographed jerseys from all three guys. Pretty cool, I think. Check 'er out at floridapanthers.com

I like WHOOO line (WeissHortonBoooooth)....but that's just me...

Feel free to submit your ideas on the nickname below.

-- No new news on Chad Kilger, JM says he spoke to him a few times last week. Would have to think the Panthers aren't expecting to get him back this season, although JM wouldn't confirm that. With guys getting healthier, I would think the days of Kilger actually being needed around here are about over. He's just going to be another body.