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Zednik Skates

ZednikIt was real heartwarming to see Richard Zednik back out on the ice before Wednesday's practice at the Big Bank.

Zednik was at the rink for the team photo. As soon as it was over, Zednik grabbed a stick and was working a puck up and down the ice. One of his teammates -- I thought it was Olesz but later found out it wasn't -- tossed him a puck and off he went along the side boards. He wasn't trying anything too fancy, but he looked good. It obviously was a mood lifter.

Didn't write much about it this morning because I was told Richard didn't want to talk to the two writers who were there at the time because it wouldn't be fair to the two who weren't, but a couple of players who were on the ice spoke about it. You can check out here: Richard Zednik skates

Stephen Weiss also said Richard is "chomping at the bit,'' and is always fiddling with his new skates and new sticks. "He cannot wait to get out there.''

I believe that.

-- Also, here is my advance on tonight's game. It's a biggun. Big Game Hunting

-- Give me your thoughts on tonight's game. Can the Panthers finally break through against Carolina? Sure, the Panthers have beaten the Hurricanes. Usually in the first week of the season. Florida has lost 11 of 14 to these cats during the past two seasons.

Is tonight the night they do it? Let me know below (remember, it's free. Don't cost nothin')...


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They can, and they will. Word is the BAC is near capacity tonight, so that'll be interesting. Expecting a nuts crowd from the get-go.

As far as i've heard, the guys really really enjoy the packed house, and we'll be there to bring it for them.

I say we definitely take this one, especially since they came in early this morning from Bill Hartsfield Sonny Perdue Bobby Cox Jeff Francoeur Stonewall Jackson Don Waddell International Airport. Plus we beat them twice at home this year. The Carolina game I am more worried about is April 4th, but then again we may not need to be worried about that one, for one reason or another.

it is the only chance they have to win the division,

92 points allows the Panthers to lose one game, Carolina on the other hand needs to go 3 and 4 to finish below 92 points.

IF we can sweep Washington and Carolina and Washington sweeps Carolina then we can win the division.

Watching Atlanta the last couple of days it looks like they have mailed it in.

Watch closely Philly, Buffalo and Boston as they have tougher schedules.

Either way it takes 92 points so only one lost allowed.

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