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Carolina Dreaming

DuluthATLANTA -- Sitting here in Terminal A at Atlanta's Jackson Hartfield Steve Bartowski Chipper Jones Hank Aaron Tom Glavine Ted Turner TBS TNT Pepsi-Cola WGN Steve 'Tricky' Smith Dominique Wilkins International Airport waiting for my flight to Raleigh.

Nothing really going on today. Team practiced at the Thrashers complex in Duluth today. Nice joint if it wasn't 30 miles away from downtown. Got to have some lunch at the second floor sports bar while watching practice. Good times. If you ever hit the Ice Forum in Duluth, go to the sports bar and order the Salmon and Crab Chowder. In fact, flights aren't that expensive to Atlanta these days. I would go tomorrow if I were you.

Remember tomorrow's game isn't on local television, but word is the Center Ice package is free this weekend, so take advantage. Tomorrow's game on Carolina's Fox South, with Saturday's game on Comcast (It's Comcastic! Not.)

Caroliner can clinch the Southeast Division tonight if Tarpon Bay beats the Bullets tonight. If Washington wins -- as everyone but perhaps Torts expects -- Carolina would have to beat the Panthers tomorrow to clinch. Would like to think the Panthers will give their all tomorrow, you know, play the role of spoiler to perfection like the Marlins did last summer when they were so far out it they needed a ladder just to see the hole they had dug.

We'll see. This could be getting interesting, only because:

If Washington beats Tarpon Bay tonight and the Panthers beat Carolina (in the Fakecanes season finale) in regulation tomorrow, the division is on the line Saturday in Washington. A Capitals win Sunday, in this scenario of course, would bring the SE title to the team that started the season 6-14-1 and fired their coach Thanksgiving morning.

And if all this comes through, Carolina could be out of the playoffs with 92 points.


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Dude...COCA-COLA is synonymous with Atlanta, not Pepsi. Coke is known as "Georgia Champagne"....

Wow, I always thought Atlanta was where Pepsi came from. Thanks for the heads up. Coca-Cola? You sure?


Usually, I'd say Y-O-U are da-man. Here's what I ask you to do..Go to wikipedia, type in coca cola, look down at "history" then..Come back here and post "Mr. Obvious YOU ARE DA-MAN"!!!

Thank You.

OK, I found references to RC Cola, Pepsi, Diet Dr. Pepper, Grape Nehi and Canada 'Atlanta' Dry...that's it though...apparently there's even a museum honoring soda pop in Atlanta...A&W Root Beer, I think....


Let's not make this the "cola wars" HOWEVER, that museum of soda pop in Atlanta you speak of? It's called the "Coca Cola Museum", near downtown right by "the Underground"..Been there, it's cool. Atlanta is COKE baby!

Come on y'all. Everyone..and I mean EVVV ERRRR EEEEE ONE knows Atlanta is famous for Cheerwine. And Ale 8-1 is brewed in Buckhead

One more messed up Atlanta reference, GR - WGN is out of Chicago, not Atlanta.

Um, if WGN is Chicago, why do they televise Cubs games?



Hello, Mr. Obvious....

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