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Rock the Vote -- Now, New Candidates!

Jacques JM the GM said last week that he would begin formulating his criteria for selecting a new coach of the Florida Panthers this week. Since today is Tuesday, I'm assuming JM has his thoughts in order and is about ready to start looking at good, quality candidates to coach the Panthers for the foreseeable future.

Of course, the new coach will be the 10th coach in the relatively short history of the Florida Panthers. That, kids, is a lot of instability. Consider this: Jacques Martin is the only coach in the history of the Panthers franchise to last three full seasons. Yes, the only one. Not coincidentally, JM is the franchise coaching leader in wins, losses and games.

We'll see if the new guy sticks around long enough to challenge those records.

Flick Anyway, a new feature at On Frozen Pond (stolen from old pal Gregory Cote down the street at MiamiHerald.com) is what I like to call the Frozen Poll.

Today's poll surrounds Martin's search for a new coach and who you, the loyal reader of On Frozen Pond, wants to see behind the Panthers bench. With the Sharks teetering on the brink of elimination, I figure Ron Wilson may be available sooner than later so I'm throwing him into the mix.

Vote early, and if you're from Miami-Dade County, feel free to vote often.

This Frozen Poll stays open for an entire month!

-- Folks have been emailing me wondering why they had not heard that Denis Potvin was a coaching candidate. As far as I know, he isn't. I just threw his name out there thinking if he was interested in the gig, the Panthers have to talk to him. But truthfully, I don't know if Denis is interested. He has a pretty good deal going now, and I know he enjoys his way of life.

-- After one full day of voting, here's what we got: Denis Potvin 24 percent; Randy Cunneyworth 22 percent; The Dancing Banana 22 percent; Bob Hartley 11 percent; Doug MacLean 9 percent; Ron Wilson 7 percent; Perry Pearn 6 percent.


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Anyone who votes for our current assistants is a moron. When don't need JM junior coaching. I'd love to see an aggressive style which you know would be implemented by Denis Potvin, but I'm sure him coaching is just a pipe dream.

i voted the dancing banana....mostly because i'm not a big fan of the ones listed there.

if i had to pick one, i'd probably go with pearn or cunneyworth

of those picks you have to go with Cunneyworth, I just hope JM is smart enough to get a coach in place before free agency even though he says he is looking toward August to name a coach. If that happens then no free agent in his right mind will sign here.

Why not McLean? Even though I blamed him for Cats losing the '96 Cup to the Avs, he was stellar as a coach. He did get the team to the playoffs and Conference finals. Although he did have a lot more accomplished and determined players who played their hearts out...

Ron wilson could fit in nicely here....
even if we sucked in the playoffs the first couple of years at least we would be making some progress...

Lot of votes coming in here as of Wednesday night. And your leading candidates according to fans here? Denis Potvin, Randy Cunneyworth and the Dancing Banana. Are you watching Jacques?

Just cause im curious, why isnt Pat Burns there... He would be perfect. Great record...and beleive me the players would not get a day off after loosing a game in the final seconds. I would love Potvin, Burns and yeah I guess we could give Cunneyworth a chance.
I wouldnt trust Wilson, he's not a motivator and thats what our kids need right now... someone to light a fire under their asses.... They have the talent but lets get someone to kick their arses when they are perfoming with no heart.... AND FOR GOD SAKES!!!!! Can we please get a captain for this team.... I said this and I will say it again and again.... You cant win cups with european captains!!!! ( ok maybe except Lidstrom)Look at the last cup winning captains , Neidermayer, Brind amour, Lecavalier, Modano, Stevens, , Sakic, I can go on and on and on....
Im not saying trade Jokinen hes a great player but take th "c" away from him and give him some talented wingers. Get a captain that will act as an assistant coach and that is not afraid to call people out when their play is pathetic...and wants to lead by example and never takes a shift off.

GR (great initials by the way),

I was really pleased when I saw that you included Denis on your list of candidates, because there are so many reasons why I thinks he's the perfect choice for our new head coach.
When I saw your poll, couldn't help but send a link to it to a friend who talks with Denis regularly. When told about the poll, Denis laughed (he was tied with the Banana at the time). When asked if he'd talk to the Panthers about the position, he said he would.
So, will the Panthers (and JM) at least be open to the possibility?

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