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Fun Times in Washington

Nixon WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Just got into town a couple of hours ago, and I must say deciding to drive in from Raleigh was a pretty solid move. Thanks to the programmers at XM Radio for today's entertainment. Good tunes all day. My throat is sore from all the singing.

That said, there's definitely some excitement around this town for the local hockey team. You should see all the tourists walking around the streets of D.C.! While I haven't seen anyone wearing a Caps jersey, there are a ton of people just walking around taking pictures of stuff (buildings and statues and such) just killing time until the hockey game starts.

Haven't seen anything like this since we visited New York City. There were tons of people walking around there too. One can only assume all these people are here for the hockey. Why else would they be walking around Washington D.C.? Is there anything here to see? Some have even formed into groups, and it would appear they are taking some sort of hockey-related tour.

Can't imagine what they are talking about, but would guess it goes something like this: "This is Pot Bellies sub shop. Alex Ovechkin is known to come in here for a ham sandwich and a Diet Dr. Pepper. And over there is the White House, that's where Bruce Boudreau hangs out on off nights. He watched the Panthers-Carolina game there you know, and was in Slap Shot! And that's the Washington Monument, built entirely out of Wisconsin Cheddar.''

I don't know where they're going to put all these people tonight. The arena only holds so many.

-- On a more serious note, yeah, folks are amped about this one. A lot of people just assumed the Panthers were going to lose in Carolina, and you know what they say about people who assume. I, of course, called a Florida victory yesterday and have never lost faith in the Sunrise Six. I know people have questioned this team's resolve, heart and character, but not this guy. Not this year.

-- Some good stuff from On Frozen Pond Pal Tarik El-Bashir who covered Caps practice this morning. One of the hardest working hockey guys in the league, think you're going to like reading his stuff if you don't already.

To keep up to date on the Caps, check out his updated blog right here Called Capitals Insider which isn't very original, but whatever..

You can also read his other Washington stories here Doesn't Dave Sheinin cover hockey?

-- Will update PanthersPlus (hey, do you like that name? I'm not thrilled about it. Give me your name ideas below) during the game tonight.

Party on....