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Jacques out as Coach

Alan Cohen told me tonight that Jacques Martin will not be returning as coach next season.

Sounds like a pretty amicable parting of the ways, Mr. Cohen telling me they both agreed the two jobs - coach and GM - need to be separate although I'm not buying that completely.

Jacques is a coach first and foremost, but I hope he sticks around and does the management thing fulltime. I'm sure his band of coaches - Guy, Pierre and Mike, good guys all - do too.

I was also told that JM was going to pick the next coach. JM is in Rochester right now, and didn't return my calls. But that's OK.

You can read the whole thing in Friday's Miami Herald - still a quarter in Broward! David J. Neal also tunes in with his opinion, so check that out too.

- Also, this begs for some interaction. Who do you A) WANT to see as Florida's new coach, and B) who WILL be...

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