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JM Is The GM, Again (PS: that rhymes)

Jm2Jacques Martin said from Ottawa on Tuesday that he would return to the Panthers as general manager and was excited to get back to work.

JM said he would select the new coach, but didn't really get into any details about who the favorites were. As you may recall, Alan Cohen has said the job of finding a new coach sits squarely with JM.

JM said he still has to work out a new contract with the team (his current deal has two years left, sure that's going to be wrapped into the new one) and that he has not even started a list of who the coaches will be.

He says fans can be assured he's in this job for the long haul, to "mold this organization to where I want it to be.''

Here is the story at MiamiHerald.com. Enjoy it. JM says hello to everyone...


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where he wants it to be, meaning no Jokinen, no toughness, no heart, no scoring, and no playoffs

This is OK news, I am able to contain my enthusiasm about it, if Martin 1.Doesn't trade Jokinen (I can't imagine a LOGICAL trade, no one is going to trade a Crosby-type player in a Jokinen deal, of Jokinen that would make the Panthers stronger). 2.Hires, or is allowed to hire by Cohen, Randy Cunneyworth as Head Coach instead of a retread with a more impressive resume filled with glory of years ago.

Isn't it usually the act right before someone leaves to say he isnt leaving? lol

Lets wait and see!!!! :D

pavel: jokinen = toughness and heart??? LOL.

only dark lining in this silver could - there is still nobody between cohen and hockey operations. that means more executive bungling could be in store for our poor panthers.

This is bad news, first to say he hasn't even selected the criteria for who he is looking for tells you all you need to know about his leadership and his ability as a GM.

He has been GM for almost 2 years now and he doesn't have a criteria for the coach of the organization.

He sees that Dave Nonis gets fired and he quickly announces he is returning. Could it be that he was looking and as soon as some one who is a better GM (drafts and trades) he says he is coming back and is here for the long haul.

Alan Cohen should say that he changed his mind and hire Dave Nonis immediately.

Nonis inherited a bigger mess than JM and he waws able to sucker JM and Keenan into the worse trade in history and he now has Vancouver ready for a big free agent push and has built the youth that will allow Vancouver to compete for years to come for the Stanley Cup.

JM will have us finish 10th or 11th every year as he will not go for the foward but for another d-man and he will hire a defensive minded coach that plays dump the puck and sit back,

Good move by Panthers. zeroG, Nonis is a terrible GM. He didn't bring in help at the trade deadline and the Canucks lost because of it and the fact that Luongo was average for the last half of the year. Martin took Keenan's bad trade for Bertuzzi and turned it into gold by getting Shawn Matthias from the Red Wings. I would rather have Bryan Allen, Shawn Matthias and Vokoun than Luongo and Lukas Krajicek. Martin brought in Vokoun and Anderson in goal. McLean, Dvorak and Cullimore were good signings. Bringing in Belak was good. Martin has made some good GM moves. That said, he needs to bring in some more scoring help.

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