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Rock, Chalk, JAYHAWK!



Have watched a lot of basketball in my years, and doubt I've seen a game as exciting and engaging as last night's title bout in some time.

What a game, right? Give a lot of credit to Memphis for coming out of halftime and taking control of that game, but Kansas' comeback in the final minutes was just unbelievable. I could hardly stand to watch it.

Good to see the Kansas faithful get their championship. Been a long time since Danny Manning carried them to the title in 1988. I should know, was rooting for them then too.

What do you think is the most exciting championship game you've ever watched? Is it the 1984 Orange Bowl, where Nebraska went for two at the end only to run into Kenny Calhoun and the Canes? Last night? The Gints big Super Bowl win over the Pats? I do think last night's game has to fit in there somewhere.

One shining moment indeed.