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Splashdown, T-Town

Word is, Jacques Martin is now in Toronto, watching the (Rochester) Americans doing, you know, general manager type stuff....


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George -- Any truth to the report in the Palm Beach paper about Bob Hartley already having been selected by Cohen as the new coach, and now JM needs to decide if they can co-exist as GM / coach? Also, what are your thoughts on this: if JM elects to leave the organization (which is seeming like a distinct possibility), then does it make it tougher to hire a new GM with a coach already in place (in other words, the GM won't be able to select his own coach)?

Us Amerks fans need JM around more often, the Panthers prospects have been playing more physical than they have all year. Too bad they still can't win.

Alan Cohen has told me on a number of occasions that he won't be talking to anyone about becoming the coach, and just recently sent an email to me and the other two beat writers that he has definitely not spoken to Bob Hartley and would not be. Alan has said the choice will be Jacques and Jacques alone (sure he will speak to others about this, but you get my drift....)

I hope it is not another retread like Bob Hartley.

We don't need that, need some new blood that can adapt to the way the game is played.

Vancouver has fired its GM (Dave Nonis) for not making the playoffs.

Considering that he robbed the panthers less than 2 years ago tells you what happens when a team sets its goals high.

The owner is quoted as saying that with leadership comes responsibility.

When will Alan Cohen realize this?

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