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Switching Gears; Canes/FAU Baseball

HowardBOCA RATON -- Coming to you live from the press box at FAU Baseball Stadium, getting ready for an exciting evening of college baseball as the top-ranked Hurricanes battle their cross-tri-county rival Owls.

Good stuff, indeed.

Planning on doing plenty of baseball this NHL playoff season, since, well, a hockey writer in South Florida has to do something at this time of year.

And UM/Marlins baseball is a pretty good thing to cover.

Will be watching the NHL postseason from afar tonight, but hope to be somewhere in time to watch the second period of the Wings/Preds game. Anyway, will come back and post baseball updates as well as other things that pops into the old noggin asUmcws we move along this beautiful Wednesday night in Paradise...

Got the windows propped open, going to get some peanuts (sans Cracker Jacks) and it's time for some beisbol.

-- Some Hockey: Word out of Caroliner is that Sergei Samsonov is getting a three-year deal from the Whalercanes. Samsonov, picked up off waivers, is getting just a shade under $8 million from the Carolina hockey club. And when I say a shade, about $400,000.

Good deal? I'm not sure. Samsonov played very well once joining the Raleighs, but he almost had to. After getting just four assists in his 23 games with Chicago, Samsonov needed to pick up his game and surely did in Carolina. Obviously a talent, Samsonov's game can also bring a headache to the team paying him. We'll see what happens in the coming years in Raleigh...


Top 1st: FAU throwing Adam Morrison, with wind blowing dead out. Could be a long night. Morrison gets first two MIAMI Hurricanes to fly out, Yonder Alonso looks at strike three....PA playing a lot of good Bruce Springsteen. Props to them (no offense JayRo, you still the man)...

Bottom 1st: FAU's Nick Arata leads off with single to left; Jeremy Griffiths follows with double to left -- 2nd/3rd, no outs; Mike McKenna grounds out to short, gets 54th RBI of the season; OWLS 1-0, 1 out...Travis Ozga single scores another OWLS 2-0...With two outs, former Taravella Colt (I'm kidding, Coral Springs fans out there) Alex Silversmith hammers a single into left, now OWLS 3-0, runners on the corners....high pop ends it, FAU 3 runs, 4 hits, 2 runners left....and these seeds are GOOD....

T2: 1 out, Dennis Raben draws a walk...2 outs, Canes on the board; Joey Terdoslavich doubles to gap in right/center, scores Raben..OWLS 3-1...Dave DiNatale doubles in Terdoslavich...OWLS 3-2...great glovework from FAU 2B and former Nova star William Block robs Jason Hagerty of run-tying single...2 runs off 2 hits, 1 LOB...FAU 3, UM 2

B2: Griffiths strikes again, driving in a run with a towering double that dropped at the fence with one out.. OWLS 4-2...Ozga strikes as well, his two-out single making it OWLS 5-2...Block goes quietly 3unassisted...2 runs off 3 hits, 1 left....FAU 5, UM 2

T3: Canes hit the ball hard, right at the Owls left and right fielder...Canes go uno-dos-tres...remains FAU 5, UM 2

B3: Canes making a pitching change...former Nova starter John Housey coming on...NY RANGERS take a 1-0 lead on the Jersey Devils...old pal Scott Gomez with the score...FAU leads off with back-to-back singles...Canes look to be looking ahead to FSU....Riann Spanjer drives one to right, nice catch-and-throw from Dennis Raben but Tom Hatcher slides in under...OWLS 6-2...now 2 outs in the inning... blow this thing wide open: Nick Arata with a monster shot to left and over...OWLS 8-2...inning over...FAU gets 3 on 3 and it's FAU 8, Miami 2...

T4: Going to shut things down for a bit unless something changes here...big crowd at FAU, kind of quiet right now...this is a snoozer...Canes do add a run, but.....FAU 8, UM 3

T5: Well, the Canes seemed to wake up a bit...Miami puts up four runs in the inning, now trails 10-7...gots to love college baseball...

B5: FAU gets runners on with 2 outs, but Anthony Nalepa (Chaminade) gets Tom "Mickey" Hatcher to strike out...Owls get nothing, still lead 10-7...

T6: Rangers lead Devils 3-2 going into second intermission; Penguins are getting ready to sweep slumping Senators out of Ottawa, lead 2-1 going into second break in Kanata...back to baseball: Canes get runners to second and third with one out, can't push one across...remains 10-7 Owls....hoot, hoot...

T8: Canes get a run across, trail 10-8; bases loaded 2 outs, Miami sends up pinch hitter Adam Severino...he walks in a run, its 10-9....Dave DiNatali up next...he strikes out looking...FAU 10, UM 9 heading into the bottom of the eighth..


And the Senators -- the team that slipped into the playoffs thanks to Florida's improbable win over the Whalercanes -- are done. Penguins sweep in 4. Wonder if the folks in Kenata are going to take a picture of that handshake ceremony...


B8: Owls threaten, get nada....we're heading to the top of the ninth with FAU leading...if this is last update, well, then that's your final...

Yonder Alonso hits shot to right with two outs, Canes take first lead of night at 11-10...

Canes win 12-10, head to Tallahassee for a three-game set against the second ranked Seminoles winners of 18 of their past 19 games...not too shabby....

Good night from Boca, home of the Mallers. I leave you with this little old ditty from the Neil Rogers Show...

"They don't drink coffee, only Mocha, and that's what I like about Boca...''


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Nice work on the call of the game!


email me at host@canespace.com

I don't know haow Schnellenberger can even compete against the U. That would be like fighting your own father in a death cage match. That is preposterous and against natural order. Shame on him.

The U owes him the first NC. He owes the U his first NC. He should have gone to the Big east (louisville) and stayd there. he is a traitir in my book. Ol walrus had is what i call him.

down 2-8 and come back to win it 12-10, yeah you have to love those aluminum bats and the sluggers the Canes throw out there every night. Take it to Tally

Go Canes!

Actually it was the Caps, not the Sens, that slipped into the playoffs because the Panthers beat the Canes. But you already knew that;)

Well alan, the Sens clinched their spot when Carolina lost...then the Sens finished up losing that game to Boston...had Florida not beaten Carolina, Ottawa -- which lost eight of 11 down the stretch -- may not have made the playoffs at all...the Caps didn't slip in, they won their way in by winning seven straight.

I'd have to say the Caps slipped in (had Carolina not lost they wouldn't have overtaken the 'Canes for 3rd). The Sens would be said then to have narrowly avoided falling out of contention because the Panthers won...but I'm mincing words:)

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