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Too Few are Doing the Fish -- Live from the Joe

Billy Covering the Miami Marlins tonight, and it appears we're going to have another Friends and Family night at the football yard.

Everyone's tired about hearing about the small crowds at Joe Robbie Stadium night after night I'm sure. But there has to be a reason -- or two, or three -- folks down here don't support this team.

You all know the Fighting Fish are a first-place club at the moment, right?

I plan to update this site during the game tonight, and was hoping to get some feedback on why fans -- the ones who live in South Florida -- don't come out to see the Marlins more often. Feel free to vote, for sure, but also leave a comment on why you do -- or don't -- like coming down to Joe Robbie Stadium to watch the team.

-- Crowd filling and settling in here at the Joe but still on the smallish side. The Dodgers, who haven't been in Florida since bailing on Vero Beach back on St. Patrick's Day, getting up and around on Andrew Miller. LADs get a run off three singles to left in the opening inning. In the second, LADs load 'em up with two outs, Matt Kemp singles in a pair to make it 3-0. Jeff Kent follows suit, singling into center to make it 5-0.

And the Marlins get the bullpen going....

-- Speaking of Vero Beach, the Dodgers plan on being in their new digs in Gretzkytown (AKA Glendale, Ariz.) come February. The Indians (2009) and Reds (2010) join the Dodgers out in Arizona, the Ohio teams moving to a new complex in Goodyear.

Last team training in Florida bring the citrus....

-- The Marlins trail 6-1 after a wild pitch, then something truly wild happened: The Mermaids, the team's scantily clad dance troupe, did a routine on the field in which they moved and grooved to Motley Crue's ode to adult clubs, Girls, Girls, Girls

Somewhere, a prepubescent teen asked "Dad, where's the Dollhouse in Fort Lauderdale? And can we go there sometime?'' No son, you can't. But at least we have the Mermaids!

-- Dan Uggla goes deep into the club seats....Marlins trail 6-2 heading to the fourth...

-- The line on Miller: 3 IP, 9 H, 6 R, 6 ER, 62 pitches, 33 strikes

-- Hockey friends Josh Friedman, Craig Minervini and Frank Forte all send their best to Panther fans out there...

-- I'm not watching it obviously, but Pens seem to be taking it to the Rangers at MSG. This would be Pitt's first win at the Garden this season if the Pens hold on. I picked the Rangers to win this series, a move I'm regretting with each passing moment of the series. Had Rangers been able to get that win in Game 1, things might be a bit different. Of course, had I covered hockey in Detroit and not South Florida, I'd be covering playoff hockey and not watching baseball in a football stadium in Miami.

-- Jorge Cantu leads off fourth with a double to center; after Luis Gonzalez singled, Mike Rabelo's sac fly to center makes it a 6-3 LAD lead...

Office -- Speaking of the Mermaids, this is how you celebrate winning some playoff hockey games. I have a buddy who is regional manager of a paper company in Scranton, Pa. Wonder if he goes to any of these games?

-- Going to bottom of fifth, still Vero Beach Dodgers 6, Jupiter Marlins 3

-- Hey hey, here come the Rangers....Nueva York puts up a pair of quick goals in the second period and tie up the Penguins 3-3...

-- And here come the Marlins....Jeremy Hermida drives in two with a broken-bat double to right...Hanley Ramirez (E3) and Dan Uggla (BB) come in, Hermida to third on a throwing error home...Marlins have pulled to within one @ 6-5...

And Jorge Cantu continues his big day...Cantu (profiled by Clark Spencer in today's Miami Herald) is now 3-for-3, his RBI single driving in Hermida and tying this thing at 6...Miller off the hook...

-- Just some great all-out baseball being played here at the Joe...those of you who haven't noticed ("and judging by the attendance, you haven't") are really missing out...

Dan Uggla just went 100 miles per hour and headfirst into the stands to grab a high popup...then, with two outs, Alfredo Amezaga races in to make a great stab and end the inning...just fun times here at the Joe these days...

-- Pens opening it up again, lead two once more...5-3 over the Rangers...

-- Oh, and we're still tied at the Joe @ 6...going to the top of the eighth...

-- Marlins score a touchdown in the eighth -- or at least catcher Mike Rabelo celebrated like he scored off a Dan Marino pass. With two outs in the inning, Mark Sweeney lines a shot into the right field corner...Blake DeWitt comes barreling around third looks to score, but Hermida's throw is right on line to Rabelo...the Marlins first-year catcher makes the catch, turns and gets run over by DeWitt.

Rabelo braced for the hit -- actually turned a shoulder into the hit -- and spiked the baseball (ala Pete Rose or Mark Duper) at home plate.

Good stuff indeed...


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i'm a BIG marlins fan...but only go to about 5 games a year. various reasons, from the park not being an enjoyable experience from jeffrey loria being a crook.

i'm sure some will say i'm not a true fan...but why should i go to the games when they're more enjoyable to watch on TV? the stadium sucks, it gets unbearably hot once the summer rolls around and theres no atmosphere because of the crappy crowds. so why go?

i've actually already been to three this year, but mostly because the weather has been pretty nice. but once the summer comes....ugh.

and just so ya know. i'm a full season ticket holder of the panthers. all 41 games. i have no problems supporting my teams as long as i enjoy myself at the stadium and i feel the team is doing the best it can to win. the BAC is a very nice venue, the atmosphere, while not good compared to other NHL arena's, is MUCH more exciting than watching the games on TV...and while cohen may make alot of mistakes as owner, i don't really question his desire to win.

once the marlins get a new park, loria starts investing money into the club...ill probably buy a mini-plan. until then...ill enjoy the games on the dish.

I will go to a few games a season regardless of how the team performs, but only on the weekends because I live over an hour away from the stadium.

Loria is the cheapest owner EVER! He should be very thankful for his baseball scouts!

If you live a good distance away from the park it must be real hard to get down here -- especially during the work week. The Marlins know this too, and are really counting on their crowds to swell during the weekends. We'll see what happens this weekend when the Padres come to town. Bark at the Park and El Gran Combo!

If you live a good distance away from the park it must be real hard to get down here -- especially during the work week. The Marlins know this too, and are really counting on their crowds to swell during the weekends. We'll see what happens this weekend when the Padres come to town. Bark at the Park and El Gran Combo!

Until Major League Baseball, has some kind of revenue sharing so as to provide a sense of equality in the League.
I won't spned a dime in supporting it.
The Marlins are the farm system for the rest of the league and Jeffrey Loria,is a thief.

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