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Walking on Broken Glass

AtlantaATLANTA -- Went on a walkabout here in Atlanta today, me, Goldie and Steve X just strolling through town.

Lot of activity as work continues to clean up the mess left behind by those tornadoes that whipped through downtown about two weeks ago.

That tall building to the left is the Westin, and you may be able to see all the dark holes (you're going to have to click on the picture to get the clearer version).

Those are pieces of wood covering up where glass used to be. Lot of windows missing around downtown, a lot of glass still on the streets. Good thing I wore shoes today. I usually don't. Don't take to 'em.

The arena seems fine, the Omni/CNN Center getting fixed up as we speak. Everything seems back to normal around here.

Except for all the glass on the sidewalks, in the street, in landscaping, in my coffee, on my ham sandwich, in Goldie's hair....

-- Not much happened at practice today, the Thrashers forgoing a skate all together (the Thrashers forgoing a skate!)

No Noah Welch tonight, for reasons I simply cannot understand. I guess JM is erring on the side of caution, not wanting Welch to get hurt and then have to spend his summer going through another rehab.

-- Those of you driving around or going to the ballgame tonight, the Panthers' radio call is going to be on 640-AM instead of 790 because of conflicts with the Marlins. The final three games of the season will all be on 640. Happy hunting!