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End of the Mess?

Looks like things are finally being worked out in Rochester. A little late on this, but Tuesday, the American Hockey League approved Canadian Curt Styres as majority owner of the Rochester Americans, all but paving the way for the Panthers to become that team's sole parent next season.

Steve Donner, who had been fighting with investors, keeps 40 percent of the team. Styres effectively buys out the other partners and says "I will do what I can to make sure the franchise is a success — at the box office and in the standings.'' That comes from the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, check out Kevin O's story right here.

Don't have anything more to add that Kevin didn't cover or has covered in the past. This is a complicated deal, with defaults on loans and arena lease agreements and whatnot. But I know the Panthers were concerned something wasn't going to get done, and it appears their worries have been put to rest.

The Panthers have been making moves to improve their depth in the minors, and Keaton Ellerby is one of those guys. He could have played another year at juniors, but JM thinks he's ready for the AHL now and he's going to -- unless he really wows the Panthers at training camp -- start the season with the Americans.

Rochester is a good hockey town and they'll support this team if they think there is something there worth supporting. Obviously the franchise was a mess, and it's hard to separate the off-ice stuff in a minor league sports town. Having someone solid in there and have the Panthers be a true partner in trying to clean up the mess can only help solidify things there.