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JM with Goldie

Goldie_2 Steve Goldstein had JM the GM on his radio show Saturday morning, talking about signing the prospects ("we'll have it done by June 1") to what he's looking for in a new coach.

Goldie also presses JM on whether he plans to trade Olli Jokinen this offseason. While JM didn't give him anything new, he was a little more staunch than he's been in the past.

"Right now, Olli is at the World Championships, but he's no different than any other player,'' JM said. "As a general manager, you're mandated to try and improve your hockey club. I don't think after missing the playoffs for seven years, we don't have any untouchables.''

Kind of repeating what Alan Cohen said earlier this offseason, that he couldn't "protect players anymore.''

Could get interesting.

If you want to hear the whole interview Goldie did on 790 The Ticket click here: It's two parts..
Download JMwithGoldie1.mp3
Download jmwithgoldie2.mp3


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the gm shouldn't be untouchable either....

no one is untouchable according to JM the GM apparantly that includes Jay Bouwmeester.

According to the NHL network sources, Bouwmeester has turned down a 10 year contract offer and JM the GM has feelers out to see what the Panthers can get for Bouwmeester.

According to the NHL network report, the situation is becoming another Luongo situation.

Also, according to another report on the NHL network, JM the GM does not like being GM and wanted to be coach only. He is reportedly looking to apply for one of the many openings available right now.

Mr. Cohen before this becomes a bigger mess (if that is possible) please get rid of JM the GM.

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