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Paul Maurice Fired

Maurice_4Paul Maurice was fired by the Maple Leafs today after Toronto failed to make the playoffs in two seasons under his watch.

Maurice, who coached Carolina to the 2002 Stanley Cup Finals, replaced Pat Quinn behind the Toronto bench. Since I have Quinn as an unofficial candidate for the Panthers' vacant job, should Maurice be put on that list as well?

Maurice obviously knows something about the Southeast Division, and he knows about coaching under pressure (something he wouldn't have to employ if he were to coach down here).

Go ahead and throw your vote down, and as always, give me your true feelings on the comments section down below.

-- The original "Who Should Coach" poll is still ongoing, so take a gander at some of the candidates there. Going to update, dropping the lowest vote getters and adding some new ones. Right now, Denis Potvin is running away with the vote, taking in 26 percent. Aside from the Dancing Banana (18.7 percent), Randy Cunneyworth (19.4) and Doug MacLean (10.4) are the leaders.


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I'm not sure I could stand him here although the though did cross my mind earlier this afternoon.

Maybe Belak will have some input into whether or not he is considered.

That headshot of him looks alot like the NHL Network coach. Would we want him? Maybe he could get 100% of the guys to give 110%, 100% of the time.

that's all we need another retread. JM was seen at the Montreal-flyer game with Bob Hartley another retread.

Alan Cohen please wake up or sell the team.

If fired by San Jose, I would want to have Ron Wilson as head coach of the Panthers.

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