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The Big Tamale: Detroit vs. Pittsburgh

BluecollarWell, we got us a real blue collar Stanley Cup Final, don't we?

I love both Pitt and Detroit, one of the few hockey writers who enjoys my trips to both cities. They both offer something different, and the atmosphere at games in both arenas is among the best in the game.

This is a Stanley Cup Final that I (and the suits at Versus/NBC) am really looking forward to. Love the way both teams are playing, although after the Wings stubbed their toe a bit against Dallas, have to say the Penguins are rolling the hot hand coming in.

That said, would hate to put a bet down against the Red Wings. When they turn it on, it's on Bubba. I'm leaning toward picking the Octopi in this one, but could be persuaded to go the other way. Don't have to pick until Friday. Giving everyone their chance to pick the Stanley Cup champ in this week's Frozen Poll. Vote for your favorite finalist, and if you want, leave comments on who you like, in how many games and why.

Don't have anything lined up right now for prizes, but those who pick the winning team in the right number of games will get something. I think Brian in Sunrise has some Panthers caps left.

-- Here's the sked. Excited about watching this series, dreading it coming to an end. Then, no hockey for a while.

Saturday: @ Det (Versus)
Monday @ Det (Versus)
Wednesday, May 28 @ Pitt (NBC)
Saturday, May 31 @ Pitt (NBC)
Monday, June 2 * @ Det (NBC)
Wednesday, June 4 * @ Pitt (NBC)
Saturday, June 7 * @ Det (NBC)