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Keep It Coming

VoteThe Should Olli Stay/Should Olli Go poll listed below has in just a few days become the most popular Frozen Poll in On Frozen Pond history!*

Sure, you may say, it's summer and your past polls were a little on the weak side.

But I have a voting fever and I think some of you do too.

As of now, we've taken votes from all over North America -- and not surprisingly, Europe, too. The votes we're getting from Finland say Olli needs to stay; the votes coming from Sweden say he has to go. Again, no surprise there.

Didn't get your vote in? There's still plenty of time. Either scroll down, or simply click here. Right now, about 60 percent say Olli should be traded (47 percent going with "only if the Panthers get a ton.")

-- The other Frozen Poll from this past week has also seen an uptick in interest, the one asking who you want as new coach of the Panthers (with a list of five guys who may or may not be on JM's short list of true candidates).

Anyway, Randy Cunneyworth is leading this tally -- he got the lone vote offered up from Moscow --
with 30 percent of the vote. Paul Maurice (25.5 percent) is second, with Pat Quinn (20) sitting in third.

Again, scroll down to vote, or click this link.

-- Also getting plenty of feedback from folks regarding the $25 surcharge the Panthers plan to tack onto "premium" games this season. For the most part, people replying to me in the comments or in emails completely disagree with me and have no problems with the Panthers doing this. People I talk to on the street think it's crazy. I still don't like the idea of it -- $25 seems a bit harsh -- but understand it.

Figure those 10,000 Montreal fans who pony up the extra $25 are basically buying a ticket to an Ottawa game or an Atlanta game or any of the other 30 games that don't draw down here.

(*) Have only been offering the Frozen Poll since I figured out the technology about six weeks ago...