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Greed Isn't Good

Gecko The Panthers sent out an e-mail today detailing their new season ticket prices.

Like most professional sports teams, the Panthers added a few more pricing tiers giving them like 1,342 different variations, from Premium Plaza to Sideline Balcony to Sitting Up in the Rafters with George Richards and the Barry Manilow Face.

The team isn't raising prices for many of their season ticket holders, a pretty smart move. Honestly, only the Dolphins get away with raising prices and missing the playoffs every year. OK, guess the Marlins do too.

The big news is that the Panthers are raising single game prices. To a select number of games, the price hike is pretty substantial.

Like the price of premium gas, tickets to 'premium' hockey games in South Florida is skyrocketing. The Panthers plan to add $25 PER SEAT to games they deem 'high demand.' By my estimates, that is probably about five games a year. But, be sure, the Panthers will consider quite a few games 'high demand' whether they are or not.

Want to go to Opening Night but don't want to plunk down the big bucks and commit to a season ticket? Add $25 bucks to your ticket. Want to see the Rangers? The Canadiens? If the Canucks come down, wanna see Louie? Cough up the dough pal.

The Panthers are going to brag about their $9 per game season ticket, but on a game-day to the common fan, the cheapest ticket is $17.

On a 'high demand' game, that $17 ticket jumps all the way to $42.

This is going to go over well I'm sure.

Hey, at least the season ticket holders won't have to fight all those fans at the Cuban Sandwich stands during the 'high demand' games. After shelling out that kind of coin, an $8 cold beverage may be out of the question.

Unless you want to drink away the memory that you paid $42 to sit in the nether reaches of the Big Bank.

The Panthers (Michael Yormark) say this is a way to protect season ticket holders, to make them feel like they are getting a bargain. When the team stops handing out ticket vouchers at places like Quarterdeck like they were giving out mini Snickers to trick-or-treaters, then I'll buy that "protecting season ticket holders" nonsense.

Bac This is a money grab, plain and simple. A good old-fashioned price gouge. Selling that barn out, at these prices, just became a lot harder.

Sure, the folks who come down from Montreal for one game will pay the money (these tickets will still be cheaper than buying them in Quebec thanks to that city's passion for the game and the weak American dollar).

Who gets hosed here?

The common fan who lives in Kendall or North Miami Beach or West Palm Beach and can't honestly commit to a whole season of commuting will pay through the nose. The family of four who would like to catch a game on a Saturday night, only the Penguins are in town and their seats in the upper deck's 'Terrace Level' are almost as much as the monthly payment on their 2004 Dodge Caravan. The college kids who want to see some hockey -- perhaps a fight or two -- and want to make a night of it. But wait. Pay for a credit hour of Economics 201 or buy one 'Mezzanine' seat for $87?

Well, those fans probably won't bother with the Panthers. Not anymore.

Hey, there's always the Miami Heat.

Jack_3 Most don't take well to greedy people in troubled financial times. The Panthers don't look good by jacking up prices of tickets in a rough economic climate.

The Panthers need to rethink this one and let it fade into memory like the plan to charge people $5 to walk onto their property a few years ago.

There's still time.

FYI, here is the new price schedule courtesy of the Panthers.

2008-09 Season Seat Holder Prices & Gate Ticket Costs

Italicized & Bold Indicates New Section for 2008-09 Season



Ticket Locations


Full Season Plan


Half Season Plan




Gate Price


Front Row










Panthers Club










Premium Sidelines 










Premium Plaza Middle










Premium Endzones










Lower Bowl Sidelines










Plaza Middle










Lower Bowl Endzones










Lexus Club




















Sideline Balcony




















Terrace Level











**A $25 premium charge will be added to the gate price for individual tickets purchased for select high demand (A) games. These game will be determined once the NHL schedule is released is mid-July**