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Meet the New Boss

DeboerjmPete DeBoer finally landed (his flight out of Toronto was delayed today) and headed to The Bank to meet the gathered media.

Would have been a bigger group, but the Dolphins are having a competing presser, and you know who gets precedence in this town.

Still, a large group here for the formal introductions.

"We're proud and privileged to have Peter lead our group,'' JM said.

Said Pete: "We're very excited about moving to South Florida. I know what the expectations are, where the bar is set. There's a lot of work to be done, but I'm excited.''

Watching the Canes and have a lot of work to do, but spoke to Pete and JM after the presser and got some news and notes. Once I get done doing my traditional newspaper work done, will update here.

For those who asked, both JM and DeBoer were asked if anything changed with Olli Jokinen's situation. These are paraphrases...

JM: "I don't think anything has changed. We don't have many untouchables on our roster. If we see a chance to improve our team, we will.''

DeB: "Those are decisions that are best left up to Jacques. My plan is to come here in September and go to training camp with whatever team I'm given.''

-- DeBoer plans to meet with the assistant coaches this week in Ottawa at the draft, says no decision has been made. XM Radio is speculating that Paul Maurice, a good friend of DeBoer, could be coming here as an assistant if he doesn't land a head coaching job this season.

-- JM says talks are moving forward with both Campbell and Olesz. Doesn't seem to be concerned with either.

-- JM adds nothing new with the Bo situation, adding he's been busy with the coaching search and now the draft is here. JM adds he'll get to Bo next week when the draft is over. If I had to bet, I would guess next week is going to be pretty busy what with buyouts coming to guys he can't trade, and possibly others signing.

-- On a different note, congratulations to Doug Betters and Bob Baumhower for their induction into the Dolphins Ring of Honor. Was a big fan of both of those guys growing up, and even cut Betters' grass a few times as he lived down the street from me when we moved up from Miami to Pembroke Lakes way back when. A.J. Duhe and John Offerdahl up next for the Ring.

Photo Credit: Walt Michot, Miami Herald Staff


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At the news conference, DeBoers mentioned that he accepted the job to coach the Panthers because of the youth, enthusiasm, and talent base. I think DeBoers drank too many of da beers!

Deboers was impressive, the Press Corps less so. Can't believe no one asked JM about Jokinen, the week of the draft when the Cats have a history of making big deals. Only one indirect query to Deboers about who his Captain would be. And for all the talk of Deboers interaction with the Panthers younger players, no one asked him about how he would deal with the older vets who are many years removed from Junior hockey. They can't have a lot of respect for a guy with Deboers resume going into training camp.

Good old GP getting all of his JM bias in the way.

This was a press conference for the purpose of introducing the new coach. The press has other avenues to pursue questions about Jokinen and the draft.

You're already marking DeBoer as a failure before he even coaches a game.

I'm glad the Panthers went green, and gave DeBoers a shot. They haven't made the playoffs since 2000, what really do they have to lose? Hopefully they can grind there way to a playoff birth. If they don't, the Cats don't have much past success to be measured against. All in all, DeBoers has set himself up to succeed.

I'm glad they went with a new leader, with new vision and mindset, rather than a recycled NHL coach. I wish this guy the best, and hope he does well.


His name is DeBoer.

There is no 's', guys.

Didn't say i thought Deboer would be a failure. I said I was impressed by his performance at the Presser but less so with the questions asked by the media.

GP: Not trying to defend the media here because it's not needed. But you have to remember, we interviewed both JM and Pete outside of the main presser. I asked questions in there to keep things going, but what you heard/saw was mostly for the benefit of the TV folks. The main hockey stuff is asked later.

Understand GR but I was only going by the questions asked at the PC as that was the only part available to the general public. I like the Deboer hiring. I just don't like the GM who hired him and his entire conservative philosophy though with this hire JM went against form. If a potential Jokinen deal's main return is a top blueliner with a draft choice and/or mediocre forward all my JM the GM fears will have been realised.

stop sucking up to jokinen like he's god a move for both the franchise and jokinen would be good for each of us. i agree he shouldn't just settle in trading him but i don't think we lose out in a deal.

i'd take brouchard and there first and walk away. move on get some new blood and some energy.

"i'd take brouchard and there first and walk away. move on get some new blood and some energy."
I would do that trade as well as a rumored
Zherdev and the 6th overall from Columbus for Jokinen trade. What I fear JM will do is deal Jokinen for a blueliner and draft choice with no veteran scoring additions to replace Jokinen's production and depending on Matthias, Frolik and Repek to fill that HUGE offensive gap.

JM is going for Redden, and will probably get him.

The Zherdev, pick #19, and a prospect is what will probably happen.

When's the last time the Panthers were good???? When they had Bure! This squad needs some Russians to lead them back to the playoffs!!! Not sure if Zherdev is the answer, but it's a start. The Panthers need to adopt the Caps philosophy and grab some Russian talent...mix in some Minnesota blood (why aren't they going after former #5 overall choice Blake Wheeler?) and you'll have a playoff team this year! I should be GM...

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