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More Fun from Sunrise


Here is some extra stuff from the press conference today. More stuff obviously in tomorrow's Miami Herald (which I will link tomorrow).

Monday, Jacques Martin said he officially interviewed three men for the Panthers coaching job, but wouldn’t confirm who the third candidate was.

Martin later said he promised that coach he wouldn’t reveal his name leading to me speculating that it was a coach employed by another team – perhaps one Florida hadn’t formally asked permission to speak to.

Martin had been granted permission by the New York Rangers to speak with assistant coach Perry Pearn, although its not known whether the two long-time friends had talked about the job.

Other candidates may have included fired Kings coach Marc Crawford, former Atlanta coach Bob Hartley and current Pittsburgh assistant Andre Savard. It could also have been John Tortorella who may not have wanted people to know he was interested in coaching the Panthers after all the venom he's spewed south over the years. 

Once again, Martin was tight lipped leaving this guy to throw some stuff up against the wall. Not reporting any of this as fact. Not even close.

(*) As far as Rostislav Olesz goes, Martin says the two sides aren’t all that close, but have agreed a long-term deal is the way to go. “We both partly agree on the long-term contract and we’re both on the same page,’’ he said. “We’re just trying to get the numbers to fit on both sides. We want what’s fair for him and a good deal for the organization.’’

(*) On making trades at the draft: “That’s where things really build up,’’ Martin said. “you’re able to make contact with a number of teams and it’s really easier to do something before the draft. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, that really heats up.’’

Martin said the Tomas Vokoun deal came together at last year’s draft, with both sides talking in the weeks prior to making it to Columbus. The announcement was made hours before the first pick was selection on Friday’s opening night. “We had spoken with David Poile a month earlier, but we weren’t thinking that much until an opportunity came on that day and we took advantage of it.’’

(*) JM has no update on Chad Kilger. Says he doesn’t know whether Kilger will play for the Panthers next season.

(*) DeB on Jay Bouwmeester and not neccisarilly getting involved in the discussions: “That’s obviously Jacques’ job. But players want to be in a place where they can win, and that’s my role. Hopefully we put a winning team on the ice, one that Jay feels gives him a chance not only in the near future but down the road as well.

“He’s going to have to gain that trust through the season. We’re going to have to develop that relationship as a coach and player. In a perfect world, we’ll come in here and have a great season. Jay will be part of it and see a vision like we see down the road that this is a young group that can grow and win for a long time.’’

(*) More David Booth on DeBoer:

“This coach is familiar with some of our players, so that will help him in the adjustment period. But I think everyone is going to have to work real hard. You can never get comfortable with your game. With a new coach, you have to prove myself all over again. Truthfully, that helps me and I think it helps everyone else.

“I would think everyone is real anxious to get going again.’’