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Olesz Hooked Up

NIAGARA FALLS - Panthers have signed Rostislav Olesz to a six-year deal. More as things develop...


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George, I m embarrassed to be a panther fan, while Tampa works their tale off for their fans.... Unless i get surprised tommorow, Im thinking Direct TV and go lightning!

jh, please do us all a favor and become a Lightning fan. We have enough fair weathered fans down South. Good riddance!

When will let our players earn their contracts? We give out all these contracts that *might* pay off in the future while hurting cap space today. This is an overpayment! Good for Olesz and his agent bad for the franchise.

I'm surprised JM didn't trade him for another overpriced d-man!

Hey Scott im a 13yr season ticket holder, the weather hasnt been fair since 1997, but if your not frustrated then your probably not economically invested...nevertheless, I know from your posts your a half glass full guy and thats great...but if your not envious of Tampas agresiveness, at least give them their due credit. Even if it doesnt pan out, their organzation TRIED. Since Bure, have we?

Addendum...the trade for Vokun constitutes trying....

Tampa still hasn't addressed their defense which was terrible last year and they have a questionable goalie. Last year they traded Richards. If Richards couldn't help what makes everyone think Malone will do what Richards couldn't. Richards is a better player. They should have signed Orpik instead of Malone. Tampa needs to upgrade their defense.

why all this pessimism on rusty? credit should be given to ownership for paying guys. olesz weiss horton booth kreps ballard bo allen vokoun are all good players and more importantly can lead this team with the RIGHT ATTITUDE! lets give it a chance. as far as tampa...defense and goaltending is awful!!! and rolston has not signed there yet.

Kreps re-signed for 565 and then 800. He needs to fire his agent, and hire Rusty's.

Rusty was overpaid by about 3 million total.

The handling of Jokinen's trade, These contracts that are being handed out to unproven players like Weiss, Horton, and Olesz (who I believe we should develop, but they need to show something before we put them on a wheaties box), The complete lack of reaction all of last year when things started heading south is a real testament to the fact that Martin is not a GM. He had no prior experience in management, his #2 guy ran an ice - hockey rink in Canada for the last 11 years, he hired a rookie coach with no professional coaching experience (coaching kids in Junior hockey), the e-mails marginalizing the all time leading scorer in franchise history (don't believe for one minute that it was just an "emplolyee").. this all shows how we are a joke of a franchise for this or any sport. If I was Bowmeester I would be taking my chances too.. grin and bear it for one year, and get the hell out while I still enjoy the game. Olesz has been hurt alot, he's a good player, maybe 1.5mil a year, not 3.. less than 1/2 a point a game. pathetic.

if you're even considering rooting for the lightning you've never been a panther fan. i don't care how frustrated you are or how green the grass might look on the other side. it's like a frustrated yankee fan going to root for the red sox. just doesn't happen.

give it a chance...martin did get vokoun, and maclean and zednik signings were pretty good. cullimore and anderson too. if olesz gets 20 goals which he will, had 14 in 55 games lat year, for 2 years in a row he is a 4 million dollar guy. he is being payed for what he wil do not for what he has done. and washington hired a coach that never was in the nhl before,...how did that work out? give this guy a chance to work with the guys. lets also remember there are stillgvuys out there in free agency like brendan morrisonn

I am giving it a chance, i renewed for $5,000. Like in business I like people who swing for the fences even if they miss. Prove me wrong, Mr. Cohen and JM, sign Hossa or Sundin. Make the middle school kids at Weston Regional park and Incredible ice excited, not embarrassed, to wear the panther jersey. Let them see a playoff game before they go off to college...

for those griping about rusty's pay next year...keep in mind those "aggressive" lightning are paying malone 7 mil next year (overall cap hit for the contract around 4.5 mil), for nearly the same ppg average. olesz has nice upside and is trustworthy in defensive situations as well. im more concerned that we couldnt score for sh*t last year, and if JM isnt active in the next couple of days were not going to score for sh*t this year.

trade van ryn for a winger!!!!

Its funny that signing our own players is not a big deal, but let them go somewhere else and then spend the same money on a free agent and everyone wets their pants.

What did Tampa do? Got rid of Richards and signed Malone and everyone is going crazy? What a joke. They had Prospal and traded him. Now they got him back. Wow.

Richards was 8 million, Malone is 4.5.

wait till all these kids get better and we have them all for less cap room later on. Yes, we overpay a little now, but we have the cap room now. Laster when we are really good, we wont have to break up our team, because we were thinking ahead.

If anybody is watching hockey for more then ten years and still doubt Olesz' skills, I do not have to say anything.
This guy will become a tremendours NHL-player. He probably will never become a 40-goal-scorer, but I think he's easily capable of 25 already next season. And by scoring 25 goals Rusty Olesz gives your team and your franchise a great support and he probably will never get a -19-rating.
Does anybody of you nay-sayers ever think about the fact, that money in hockey isn't spend only for goals and assists but also for defensive aspects, in Rusty's case mostly for great Penalty-killing ???
Print this and keep it, the slightly over 3 Mil. a year will become a bargain for us in the future.
And about the "injury-story": He had a broken hand last season. A player, who plays hard, probably will have injuries down the stretch. It's hockey, not baseball !!! Makes you think why Jokinen seemingly never got injured, right ? Me too.....

I don't have a problem with the signing of Rusty especially at the bargain price, my concern is that we do not have a player that can score goals, we have 3 of our top 4 d-men going into the last year of their contract and the best of the bunch Bouwmeester does not want to sign here because he does not see the commitment to winning.

If we lose all 3 d-men then the Jokinen trade was for not just like the Luongo trade.

JM had to sign Rusty. He may not be an all-star, but that's pretty much the price range for a young responsible player with upside potential....Yes it looks a little steep now, but the gamble JM takes is that this guy will be a posititive player, and is a long-term benefit to the team. I would project him as a 20-25 goals/yr, good penalty killer, and defensively responsible. You need to have guys like him on the team. Anything more than 25 goals is a bonus, and the contract is fair based on the 6 year length...
As far as the lack of scoring, fans are going to have to have patience until young talent develops. Surely we would love to have Rolston or Sundin, and I'm sure they would pay for them to come, but bottomline is that so would almost every other team out there....You have to develop some of your own talent in order to lure the free-agents to wanting to come and play here. We are still paying for Cohen's mismanagements. He probably should have kept Dudley. I do support JM as the gm now, but the whole Keenan thing was a fiasco...JM is a defensive guy and it may not be sexy, but with some timely goals, it should keep us competitive until one of the young guns comes through....

I am excited we signed Olez. I will trade in my ollie Jersey for his Him and Weiss are excellent two way fowards. But, aside from Horton (we believe) we dont have one single pure goa scorer, like a Ralston would be to lead the team and draw some attention. Someone to hold our breath when he handles the puck; wouldnt that be nice?

As far as patience, ours have been tested for the last TEN years. If the Yankees ask for patience for their fans, well they have credit winning 4 world series in that period. The panthers have not only no credit but alot of ill will. If not for the wonderful way they treat their season ticket holders, there would be none of us left.

Lightning sign UFA forward Radim Vrbata to a $9-million, three-year contract

Where is George? How do you not post anything on July 1st? C'mon George, you're slacking on us...

Cats just signed Cory Stillman, 3 years $10.6 mil.

On the surface, looking just at his offensive stats, this may appear as an overpayment.

However, Olesz does so much for this team that doesn't always appear on a stat sheet. An excellent PKer with a penchant for the occasional short-handed opportunity; a willingness to dig in the corners for a loose puck and battle for possession; a tremendous attitude that appreciates constructive criticism from his coaches and peers. All we need is for him to shoot more and things should fall into place very nicely.

After years of watching this organization piss away young, raw talent...I am thrilled to see him tied up for 6 years with us.

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