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Jay Bouwmeester Signs...


Jaybo ....for one year, thus avoiding arbitration tomorrow in Toronto.

On the surface, this doesn't look like the Panthers accomplish much since Jay would have received a one-year deal tomorrow anyway. Hearing the deal is for $4.9 million, and the Panthers felt he could have received as much as $5.5 tomorrow.

The one thing this does is create some good will between the two sides. The fact these two could come to some sort of agreement means Jay may be amenable for something else later one. Signing before going to arbitration eliminates some bad vibes that could come out of the hearing.

The Panthers, who offered a number of long-term deals including a two-year set, feel Jay wants to see how things are going to be around here before getting locked in. He wants to make sure it's not business as usual in Pantherland before picking out his cabin on the ship.

"We're real happy to have been able to get an agreement with Jay and his agent,'' general manager Jacques Martin said. "We feel it satisfied both parties. It’s a fair deal for us, a fair deal for what he brings to the table. He’s a young player, one who plays a lot of minutes and a lot of different situations. It's good to have this behind us.

"I think at least to have him and be able to come to an agreement showed some progress. Two years ago, we went to arbitration with him. This shows good faith by both parties. This is a chance for Jay to step in and help our team progress. We feel we’re going to have some success with the moves we made.''

Problem is, if Jay thinks the Panthers are continuing to to sink, he's moving on.

"I'm glad Jay is on board. Sometime during the season, hope to get it long term,'' JM said. "We’re progressing. We want to have a good start to the season, then address the issue.

"We have a player who was a third overall pick, a kid who is a winner, a competitor. He wants to get into the playoffs, win a championship. We feel with him signed now, we can use this year to show where we’re going.''



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JM is an idiot if he thinks Bouw will sign long term. He agreed to this only to avoid a trade and have to move to another city and then move again, to the team of his choice, in the off-season. I always thought JM was poor at player management, this only proves it.

as opposed to keenan? really delusional are some of the fans. This at least gives us more time to negotiate and it ups his trade value.

This allows Martin to try to negotiate long-term rather than have to wait until January. If Martin knows Jay won't resign long-term, then it allows him to work out a sign and trade before then as well. Unless I'm totally off, but if they went to arbitration tomorrow then we could not negotiate until January - but could Martin let Jay negotiate with potential trade partners before then? Not sure.

I think this was a smart move by Martin, if anything it just buys him more time. I doubt he'll convince Jay to stay here, that's pretty obvious, but maybe it buys more time to work out a sign and trade deal which maximizes the return. This whole ordeal has become a total distraction and I hope a trade is worked out sooner rather than later so we can just sadly enough move on to the post-Bouwmeester era.

Jay Bo can still be traded. I think he did this to allow a trade to occur. Don't they have to hang onto him after an Arb ruling until at least December? If he signs him to a 1 year deal outside of arbitration he can still move him unless JM was stupid enough to give him a NMC on a one year deal right?

The only thing this accomplishes is JM doesn't need to wait until January to begin negotiating another extension. As long as Jay's agent is willing to talk, extension talks can begin immediately.

I thought the same, Cap'n. If he went through with arbitration, we really couldn't do anything until January other than trade him outright where his value would be lower as a 1 year rental versus a sign-and-trade.

If JM thinks he is buying time to sign Jay long term he is sorely mistaken. This deal is pretty much the same thing as bringing him to arbitration minus the nasty words which would have been exchanged. Regardless, the Panthers leave themselves in quite the predicament.

Do we hold on to Jay and try to sign him after Jan 1 to a long term deal and then when that fails we trade him at the deadline for a crappy return or do we trade him today for what should be a better return than a deadline deal? To me this is simple; we trade him today.

Jay is showing us that he doesn't want to be here otherwise he would have signed a long term deal. JM should have and probably offered him the same contract Phaneuf signed and that would have been more than fair and probably the best deal for both sides. Now, Jay is willing to risk it to become the #1 UFA d-man this free agency. Look for him to get at least what Brian Campbell got if not more. I wouldn't be surprised to see him become the highest paid d-man in the league, top 5 guaranteed.

JM needs to trade him now. Jay clearly wants to test free agency and we risk a lower return, him getting injured and not getting anything for him, and a nuisance/cancer in the locker room just for a chance to re-sign him. Jay is taking a risk to not lock up guaranteed money, maybe in the 40 million dollar range, to leave FL so he can become a UFA. It is so obvious what Jay will be doing I can't for the life of me understand how he doesn't get traded.

As unlikely as it is, if Jay is neutral about being in FL we could still try to sign him as a UFA even though this is will never happen.

If JM thinks this will buy more time to negotiate he couldn't be more wrong. Jay obviously wants out of Florida and or wants to test free agency. Contracts are not this difficult project that takes months to create. JM had no problem signing Horton, Weiss, Olesz, Allen, and Jokinen...why? Because they wanted to be here!

CBS.com reporting a deal in the works to send Bo to the Rangers.

Give it up george - you know something, why else would put up the statue of liberty picture.

All this does is make it easier for the team that he is traded to, to be able to sign him long term. If he went to arbitration then was traded the team that gets him can't work out a deal till after Jan. 1.
JM is silly if he thinks that he can sign him long term, as it would have happened by now.
In addition, jay is showing that he does not want to be here long term, and I wish everyone in the Panthers organization would see this.
Make a trade now! If we wait till the trade deadline 2 things happen:
1) You have a player on the team that does not want to be here.
2) We will not get as much for him in a deadline deal than we will get now.

If JM lets Jay walk as a free agent and gets nothing, then he deserves to be fired!
It's kind of strange that a player who basically doesn't want to be here is still here.
And a player who was the face of the team, the loyal player who came out and said many times, that I want to stay and take this team to the playoffs, and unfortunately has a bad stretch for the last 2 months of the season, gets booted out of town. Let's not forget that he was never really given any true linemates, was absolutely fed up with the system that the team was playing (he was not the only one), and gets the sole blame for not making the playoffs.

Nice going Panthers. At this rate we will never be able to attract a quality free agent.

If the Panthers play well Jay will stay?


I dont see the report about the Rangers on cbs

Panther fan, I agree 100%

Agreed. I think the only thing this did was reset the clock that was ticking down to midnight. It does avoid a nasty arbitration hearing. That's really the only good I can see coming out of this. I hope somehow we can find a way to get Jay to stay. He's the only thing you can hang your hat on with this team right now. Unfortunatley I think Jay is going to wait until he becomes a UFA next season and go back home to Edmonton.

A little bit of history- JayBo was projected at #1 overall but Keenan traded down with Columbus to acquire him at #3, presumebly to save money. Money has always been the issue around here since Alan Cohen and company became the owners the Organ-I-zation.

I agree with the other guy who said JayBo should have been offered Phaneuf money. Rumor has it, that JayBo (as a UFA) can command up to $7-8M a season on the open market next year. JM should have offered JayBo $6M a year if he thought JayBo could have gotten $5.5M a year after arbitration. HELLO! Is this how you treat your best player?

ar - the deal was to philly not the rangers (sorry), check out the rumor mill at cbssports.com

The cbs rumor is nothing more than a blurb referenceing the New York Post and Larry Brooks.

"So if the Flyers make a deal with the Panthers for Jay Bouwmeester that opens some cap space and a spot or two up front, who wants to bet that Brendan Shanahan winds up in Philly if the Rangers once and for all say no?"

Nothing to see here ...

Awesome news GR! Love the blog. :-)

Anything to the rumor Coyotes are offering Daniel Carcillo, Peter Mueller, Steven Reinprecht and a first round pick for Jay?

Any player signed to a 1 year contract can not sign an extention until January 1st.

So I'm thinking that the Panthers hold on to him until they are out of the playoff race.

this team needs to win now...they are better with jay b. good move not to tick him off and go to arbitration. this shows bo what he means to the team. no one is ripping him publicly like keenan did to luongo. if the team wins he will probably stay. if not, i don't blame him for leaving. there is no way if the pantehrs trade him they will be better this season. take a shot, field the best team you can and hope it works out. i love the guy but he isnt denis potvin or ray bourque. the franchise isn't doomed if he is not here after this season

How about picking up Mark Parrish from waivers?!? He scores 20 goals just about every season. Guess Minnesota is making room for Gaborik's big contract...

I think Parrish would be an awesome pickup. Our top six would be Booth-Weiss-Horton, Olesz-Stillman-Parrish. Now that might make JayBo a happy camper and give this team a legitimate shot at the playoffs.

Panthers can not negotiate with Bouwmeester until Jan. 1st. Also, Keenan didn't trade down to draft Boumeester, that was Dudley, at Cohen's behest to save money. Just to set people straight on their history.

Now, why don't people realize this team has done nothing but disenfranchise its marquee players year after year? First it was their All Star goalie in Luongo. Then this past season, its their team captain Jokinen. And they slander both after they leave, instead of thanking them for their consistent efforts to win during managements' consistent efforts to fail on the ice. People don't want to play here because the team fosters an atmosphere of failure. They reward failure, seen in the promotions of two coaches who couldn't win, to being GM. Only thing that is saving this team from moving to another city, is the ownership's desire to control the arena, where they truly make a profit.

Maybe you should talk about that George and tell the fans the truth for once. They don't care about the team. Just control of the building.

Amen clash and while George talks about that he should also talk about the 2 minority owners of the panthers that are also minority owners of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Where are the loyalties of Mr. Zimmerman and Dr. Lehman, do they support the Panthers or the Lightning more. Do they give more money to the Panthers or Lightning.

No wonder players don't want to play here, we have owners that also own our in state rivals.

Why has this not been reported in South Florida and why doesn't Cohen do something about it?

It is because Clash is correct when he says that the Panthers are just an asset to give them 40 dates in the building they manage. They have the team so they can manage the building and make big profits.

If this was a major hockey market the outrage would be extremely loud that the owners of the Panthers are also the owners of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Sorry to say it but JBo is not going to be here long term. He'll be here this season (at least part of it) and the Panthers should try to maximize the value they can get for him and trade him. Because the reality is that if JBo wanted to be here long term he could have signed a long-term deal now. You can be sure that that is what JM and the Panthers organization wanted him to do. And if it ever comes to a bidding war for JBo the Panthers can never win in such a scenario. We don't have the money or the stomach to pay out what he's going to command.

JBo has not missed a game in 3 seasons, he leads the league in ice time, his offensive numbers are up, he's an All Star, he's only 24, he's a terrific defenseman. Clearly he has value. And since in my opinion we'll never be able to work out a financial package we need to trade him and get the most value we can now.

I think JM has anticipated this. It's not like we haven't loaded up on defensemen.

for the record jokinen played for 2 other teams and has played how many playoff games????? and luongo has played for 2 othe rteams and has been there once.

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