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Cats Get Some Scoring

TORONTO -- The Panthers added some scoring punch today, signing Ottawa's Cory Stillman to a three year deal.

The 34-year-old winger spent the past few seasons with Carolina, going to Ottawa late last season. He scored 24 goals with 41 assists with the WhalerCanes/Sens last season.

Your thoughts?


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3 year deal at 35 years old, sounds like a buyout in 2 years.

I hate the fact that we signed a Hurricane, but I think it is a good addition. Possible Captain?

a leader that this team desperately needs.

Erik Cole was on the hockey channel prior to Mr. Richards and he credited Stillman with helping him develop along with Staal.

If Stillman can do that with Horton and help him play up to his ability then it is a great signing.

I know that George said that he does not believe they will break up the Booth, Weiss and Horton line we have to remember that we have a new coach and a new system that might make the lines shake up, plus no Jokinen.

I would still like to see a proven scorer in case the young players do not pan out as planned.

I also agree with George that we need to hope that Bouwmeester signs an offer sheet so that we could match.

Now that Campbell is signed those that lost out might go after Bouwmeester

Stillman, Weiss or Allen should be the Captain, I would go with Weiss or Allen because they will be here longer than Stillman

Hey GR, I dont think we are quite done... and Im afraid Bouw may not remain a Panther... or maybe he will get gipped at arbitration... or we will trade some defensemen away... because it says in a swedish article that the Panthers, Canucks, Rangers, and Red Wings are the ones negotiating with Sundin... the only way this is possible though is if the rumor about Sundin gettin offered 20 mil 10 per is false...

Bouwmeester won't sign a sheet with Martin already saying they will match any offer - he'd be an idiot (or his agent) to do that.

George, are we done or can we hope for 1 more scoring forward???

Big Slap Shot Bob... what are you saying? Bouwmeester doesnt choose whether or not he signs an offer sheet... the GM who drafts the offer sheet makes the certain amount of money.. and if JM doesnt match it then we get the picks they get the BOuwmeester... and Martin never said he will match any offer... and he wont.. because some offers are worth it... 4 picks can be packaged each year for trades.. opening up 12 million for this FA... you never know what can happen.. so far JM has told the public NOTHING he works in his smokescreens.. we may be done we may not..


the player signed agrees to the terms of the offer sheet and signs it just like a ufa agreement. the only difference is, on an offer sheet, the team that holds the rights to the player has the option of matching the offer to keep the player.

as to having $12 mil to spend...on the defensive end, who is there on the market thats worth even a third of that? redden?

the free agent crop this year is a relative snoozefest...with a few 2nd tier players available. of course, we could be living in a world where radim vrbata gets 3 mil a year. wait a minute....

Sundin is 3 yrs older than Stillman, Lidstrom 4 years older.

stillman and more ice time for horton, booth and olesz will make up for jokinen's scoring. offense should not be a huge problem. the defense is better. i like the offseason. new coach and basically its olli stumpel and mezei for ballard boynton and ballard! and a fiery young coach for the first time since....doug maclean!

Kickass signing.


You need to accept an offer sheet, hence why it's an OFFER! If Bouwmeester accepts it, then the Cats can match it thus negating the point of it unless Jay wants to stay here and is just forcing the Panthers' hand into a mega deal. And yes, Martin has said in the past the Panthers would match any offer sheet. It's too late for me to do the research for you but I know he has. Martin has made it clear Jay is a part of the core and he wants to lock him up long-term. It's only from Jay's camp that we haven't heard anything.

Very nice surprise signing by JM. Stillman adds veteran leadership, clutch scoring, and hopefully a good mentor for Matthias and Frolik. Looks like Capt Stillman, as nobody else really would be qualified on this squad, maybe Ballard and J-Bouw as alternates...The good thing about picking up 2 defenseman in the Olli trade is that it makes it easier if more problems arrive with J-BO. I do like J-BO and he is a very nice talent, but if he doesn't want to be here, then get the best deal you can for him and move on...

JM is probably done with free agents, but it would be nice to trade some of our extra defenseman for another decent forward. All in all, it looks better than it did at the end of last year. A new coach and style and hopefully better team unity helps keep them in playoff contention, so they can break through one of these years. The problem is Washington should be solid for years to come, Tampa has made great strides, so now it is the Cats' time to get over the top...

best thing about Stillman is he can teach the Panthers how to Dive like the Canes do!!!!!

Hope not another retirement contract!

No matter who they sign now, I agree with Slapshot1106. Carolina has dominated the Div for years, the Caps are the most fun team to watch in the NHL and up and coming (even though I think they screwed up by letting Huet walk), and the Lightning may be the most improved team in the NHL. Actually, they will be. Panthers will finish 4th in their Division, and only because ATL is that bad.

Would love to see JM make a play for Sean Avery if the money isn't nuts... another character veteran in addition to Stillman (great signing) could really help us. As for Bouwmeester, I wouldn't match an offer sheet if I were JM... I mean, if someone offered you four 1st round picks (or two 1sts, and 2nd, and a 3rd) for him, you wouldn't grab that deal??

I'm excited about the Stillman signing. Not only does he provide the strong work ethic and communication skills of an effective veteran, he also remains a productive player. 3 years might be a long time, but at least we didn't overpay for those 3 years.

I definitely see Peter experimenting with Horton and Cory on the same line, as well as inserting Olesz with Weiss and Booth. Seems logical to have your future star player Horton playing alongside and learning from a solid vet like Stillman.

Some people have commented that JM overpaid for Stillman, but I don't necessarily agree: (1) proven and versatile scoring forward, and maybe more important (2) legitimate Captain candidate -- strong character guy with two Stanley Cup rings. What would anyone prefer to see JM spending UFA money on??

Tired of hearing the word "overpaying" down here...it works like this, you either have a salary near the bottom around $40'ish or near the top around $56.7'ish. The Cats can afford to spend an extra couple mil on a guy, because even with South Beach, when's the last time they signed a tier 1 free agent? Seriously.

They're one of the worst organizations in the game (haven't made the playoffs in 8 years, made one of the worst trades of all time, don't attract free agents, and have one of the lowest attendance records in the league), so for them to "overpay" by a couple mil will keep them semi-competative and above the cap floor. The money either goes into the players pocket who was awarded that contract, or the owners pocket, assuming they turn a profit. I'd rather see it go in the players pocket because that means we're all getting a better product on the ice. Get it?

By the way, Dallas signed Sean Avery to a four-year, $15.5 million deal… sounds like he was within the Panthers’ financial structure but didn’t end up here (surprise, surprise)… I wonder if he’s a guy that JM had interest in (veteran forward depth, character guy, very tough to play against, etc).

If you add up the numbers the Panthers will be around $53 million cap number, if Bouwmeester signs a $6 million deal. The floor is $40 million. They will only be a few million away from the cap. I dont think there is room for much else.

what's with peoples' obsession over sean avery? an injury prone cancer who's career high is 15 goals and 39 points...and you'd willingly pay him $4 million anually?

thank god jacques stayed away from that clown.

as far as stillman is concerned. good move, at a good price. anyone who thinks it's an overpayment doesn't know the first thing about free agency in any sport. $3.5 mil for a 60-70 point guy is easily worth it...let alone in free agency where everyone gets grossly overpaid.

if bo signed for 6 we'd actually only jsut be over 51 and i'm sure martin plans on trading a d-men once they all disappear so then say it's van ryn that's almost 3 mil we're back down to 48-49 range

i added it up. its 53. not 51. if Bo signs for 6.

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