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Free Agent Focus II


CHICAGO --For all those who wondered why I would take some time off right at the start of free agency, well A) I didn't think the Panthers would be that active based on their current roster and B) well, why not?

Seems as if the Panthers are done for now, although there are some guys still out there JM and FLA can afford.

Monty hasn't signed anywhere yet, so he could still return. As some heard me say on XM Radio's Power Play yesterday, I think it'll be interesting to see if Bo signs an offer sheet somewhere. If he does, I think JM all but has to match. The question posed by (I think) Ron Rimer was that JM could be painted into a corner if Jay is offered a huge raise. I don't think that matters. FLA is already willing to pay Jay a bunch of money to stay in South Florida. The question is whether he decides to do so or not. I'm sure he and his agent know signing an offer sheet somewhere else means he's ultimately signing with the Panthers.

Personally, I like the moves of the past few days. I think Rusty got a bit much for what he's produced so far in his short career, but this was a signing based on potential, and he may have gotten more somewhere else as an RFA and Florida would have been forced to match. I love what Olesz does on both ends of the ice, and his passion and skill in killing off penalties is unrivaled among this current crop of Cats.

And I also like what I've seen over the years in Cory Stillman. He does a lot of things well and may just end up taking Olli's captaincy come training camp.

Have enjoyed reading the back-and-forth from the fans here the past few days. Keep it up. This blog is as conversational as it is entertaining/informative (at least I hope it's entertaining/informative).

Keep the comments coming. The more the merrier.

Will be back in a few days. Keep the blog warm for me.