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It's Jack

The Panthers search for a new director of player personnel didn't last long - and didn't go far.

Jack Birch, who has served in various capacities with the Panthers over the years, was given the job.

He replaces Duane Sutter, who left for the same job with Calgary on Thursday.


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LOL, D.D.!!! Hey, please don't give Yormack any more ideas... "And tonight's final score: Capitals 4, Panthers 0... this Panthers loss is brought to you by Captain Morgan"?? Better, yet, can JM sign Morgan to a 1 year, $19.99 contract and give him the Captain's "C"??

Hey GR, I think it's time to change the picture in your banner at the top of the page...

Good move, it is not like we have had any success while Duane Sutter had the job. He probably was the guy that recomended Panthers take Horton over Staal.

Don't blame me for giving that 'wanna be used car salesman' any ideas! I am pretty confident that Yorkmark would sell ad space on his own mother, if only he could get her to suffer through the games!

something interesting that has not been reported down here.

It seems that the new ownership group in Tampa includes two minority owners of the Panthers Jordan Zimmerman and Dr. Rick Lehman.

The league says that it is alright for two people to have minority interest in two teams even cross state rivals.

When asked why they said that: "they are increasing their odds of winning"

So now we don't only have players jumping ship, we have owners going to our cross state rivals to increase their odds of winning

Where is Cohen, he needs to buy these two guys out, if the owners are not fully behind this team why should the fans be?

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