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Meet Peter DeBoer

Forsale3_3 Our story on Peter DeBoer ran in today's Miami Herald. I spent last weekend in Canada, visiting Peter's childhood home of Dunnville, Ontario (which is also the home of one Nathan Horton) before moving on to Peter's current home near Kitchener, Ontario.

Check out the story right here: Even in Summer, Tim Horton's Still Rocks

Good times on this trip, for sure. Met a lot of cool people both in Dunnville -- DeBoer's childhood buddies are a complete trip -- and in Kitchener. Learned quite a bit about the 10th coach in Panthers history, and I got to say, didn't learn much bad.

Peter comes across as a very accommodating, very down to earth guy. He has a great family with three great kids and a cool wife who told me she wants to be active in her new community. I think the DeBoer family is going to be an asset to South Florida no matter what happens on the ice.

That said, I like what I've heard about Peter's hockey acumen. He's working hard to figure out what he has in each of the players on the Panthers roster, and try and get the best out of them. There are plenty of question marks on this Florida team, including whom Peter is going to name captain, and he's been thinking about every angle. This guy has something to prove, too, as I get the thought he's ready to put down roots somewhere in Broward County (he's going to rent Gary Roberts' old place for a while).

-- PS: I took that picture posted above. I thought it was pretty good. Here are some more pics I took (which I thought would have run online, but, well, whatever....) Anywho, to see the pic a little better, feel free to click on the shot and it'll enlarge.

Campbelljersey This is a picture of Gregory Campbell's jersey from the 2003 CHL All-Star Game that hangs in the Kitchener Rangers' offices.

Deboerandsons Here's Peter and his two sons Matthew and Jack. He also has a daughter Abby who wasn't around for this shoot because she was playing in a baseball tournament. Word is she has a good bat and a slick glove.