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Monty Mouse


DisneylandSteve Montador will not return to the Panthers this coming season, signing a one-year deal for $800,000 with Anaheim.

I've been told he was offered more by Florida, although this wasn't about the money or, from what I've been told, the Panthers. Monty simply looked at the roster and didn't see himself really fitting in. Monty was shuffled around last year, from the checking/energy forward lines to being on the third defensive pairing.

Monty Playing up front so much obviously helped his offensive numbers as he absolutely shattered his previous bests in goals and assists.

Good luck to Monty out west. He's going to dig it out there. I know a cool place in Garden Grove -- not far from the Pond.


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Too bad, he was a good guy!

I am sure he wanted out of here, however, look what he lost for leaving, complete summers off!!!

It's a shame he didn't resign here. I always thought he was an asset to the team.

I don't know if it was the money JM was offering or if Monty wanted to sign elsewhere. Monty was good, tough, and versatile player. We'll miss him.

He was a solid player, last year he really improved his play. Good luck to him with Anaheim. That said we improved our defense and there isn't room for him now.

I agree with Bo as his play did improve last year, but I think a change of scenery is good for both. I don't think it came down to salary, as the $800k seems worthy of the numbers he put up. He will fit in better with a more talented team around him. We are moving in a different direction, and change is good for both. He's a great team guy, good 6th d, an versatile by playing fwd. Good luck Monty.

He probably took a look at this lineup and said "I'm outta here" and now he goes to one of top contenders in the West. Smart move, Monty! We'll miss ya.

Monty was one of the biggest assets to this team off of the ice and a small pivital part on the ice that will be missed!!!!!!

I know one thing, we always seem to lose heart on the team!

It's gotta make you chuckle at the idea of getting ANYTHING close to an elite player to sign with the Panthers. Monty takes one look around and say's, "see ya...wouldn't want ta be ya". Now he is going to fill in for an extremely good but injury prone Duck defense. Monty will go from the Panther's "garbage-man" to filling in for a Niedermayer, O'Donell, Pronger or Schneider. Then we're going to see how Monty plays as a much more meaningful player, when he's playing on a team...surrounded by players who are thmselves valuable. Same old story...player leaves the Panthers and look great playing somewhere else.

This has Bouw, and his gut feeling written all over it too. IF YOU for ONE MINUTE truly believe that Bouwmeester just wants MONEY from this organization, you are a complete moron.

HE WANTS OUT..like the rest. This is a disgrace really.

All who were pumped for JM..be careful what you ask for............

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