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Bert Back in Canada

Berternie COLONY WEST CC -- The Calgary Keenans have signed free agent Todd 'Bert' Bertuzzi.

The Flames tried to give up Roberto Luongo in the deal, but Vancouver passed.

In my mind, this is a good move for the Flames. I think Bert would have been a good fit in a return to Florida, although I'm not sure JM was willing to go down that road again. Don't think Bert was, either, although I know he enjoys South Florida.

Bertuzzi is getting close to $2 million this season from the Flames, but is still getting paid from Anaheim after the Ducks bought him out after signing him to a two-year deal last summer.


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So is this Keenan's way of saying that he'd still make that infamous Luongo-Bertuzzi deal all over again if given the chance??

Lets wait till the end of the season and see how Shawn Matthias turns out. I might too have made the trade if you throw in the Matthias factor. Last I checked Canucks with Luongo are no closer to the Cup than the Panthers. If Matthias and Bryan Allen are solid players with the Panthers in a few years and Luongo is a UFA. That trade may start looking real good...
Bert can still play. That is a good pick up for Flames. Would have liked him back with the Cats.

Word is that Luongo is already unhappy with what is happening in Vancouver, should be interesting if he becomes a UFA.

Maybe Vancouver would send him back here for picks & a prospect??? HAHAHAHAHA!

Agree- Matthias, Vokoun and Allen are worth Luongo, Kracijek and our first pick. Vokoun is cheaper, signed a year longer and Allen is signed for 4 more years at a fair rate. George, would you take that trade now, contracts and all?
Good question??

It would have been cool to see big Bert play on the same line with Matthias. The Cats could've afforded the contract that Calgary gave him. Let's face it, 14 goals is still decent!

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