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Shocking News

PITTSBURGH -- According to the NHLPA, 15 players have elected to go to arbitration.

Florida's Jay Bouwmeester is one of them. Jay and the Panthers went before an arbitor two seasons ago, and that contract is up. If the two sides end up going to arbitration, the max contract would be a one-year deal.

The two sides can continue to negotiate up until their scheduled date (probably in August).


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le sigh this isn't good news on an extension

prob. a good thing i didn't get a bouwmeester jersey then :(

Trade him. He doesn't want to be here. We need to trade him before the deadline so when can get a great return because if we wait no playoff team is going to give up what we want. The longer we wait the lower his value is going to go. TRADE HIM ASAP!

GR is there any inside scoop you can give us about Jay Bo. Does he really want out or is this just a money dispute? Any info is appreciated.

Trade for Mesarus and Vermette

I agree with getting rid of him NOW. The longer we wait, the less his trade value will be.

If he doesn't want to be here, just go out and get the most you possibly can for him.


He doesn't want to be here. So he wants to maximize his value for this year then get traded at the deadline to a playoff team & sign wherever he wants in the offseason. Smart move by his agent.

Not really Shocking News, it was somewhat expected. It may actually be good news, he gets his contract we start the season with some extra defense and if he doesn't want to sign long term we can trade him for more offense. His value won't go down. Martin can take in offers and decide when he gets the right deal.

For anyone who says Jacques Martin is doing a good job as GM.. here's why he's not. The "defensemen" we "shored up on", are pretty much gone after this year. Boynton has only this year left in his contract. Ballard has this and next, and won't want to stay, and Bouw and his agent where waiting to see how management re-tooled the team and what their commitment to winning was before re-signing. since there is no commitment, Bouw will be gone. Good way to "build through the draft". Martin is useless.

i think martin has a plan but in my head it sucks cuz it will be more important to next year which also sucks.

next year we'll have a ton of cap room and there will be significant fowards out there.

he figures with olesz,weiss,horton and booth hopefully signed on that gives us 4 top fowards including stillman we could spend big bucks on a foward.

we'll also have frolik and matthias up prob. playing with kreps on a third line and possibly belak-campbell-repkik playing 4th line minutes.

losing bouw really hurts the idea though it would leave us with only 3 guys under contract next year on the back end assuming we do trade van ryn or he comes back healthy. allen, ballard, welch

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