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Should the Panthers Trade Bo?

BodukeOnly a few people -- Jay Bouwmeester, his agent and perhaps JM the GM -- know whether Florida's No. 4 wants to continue his relationship with the Panthers much longer.

Jay has already decided to take the Panthers to arbitration, which means the thoughts he would sign an offer sheet with another team is over. For now, it's the Panthers or no one for Jay. But there are a few options.

Bo First, the team and Jay go to arbitration, a contractual number decided upon and Jay signs for one more year and the Panthers roll the dice. Or, the two sides come to an agreement before arbitration, likely for more than one season. JM could also decide this is going no where (which is how it appears) and send Jay somewhere else and try and get some more pieces for the Everglades Six.

Obviously, the third option would be made out of desperation. The Panthers can't afford to let Jay walk away without getting anything in return next summer, and it's tough to get true value for a top guy like Jay at the trade deadline next season, especially if the Panthers are in playoff contention (quit laughing) at the time.

Mrboh So what do you think JM should do? There hasn't been much news out of either camp, so like I said, only those three really know what's going on here. And that's how it usually goes in negotiations like this, although I find Jay's silence on the matter quite telling. Sure, he isn't the most open guy in the world to begin with, but a lot of people have questions whether he wants to be here and he hasn't had much to say on the subject. If he wanted to dispel those rumors, he easily could. And yet he really hasn't.

Comments, as always, are more than welcomed. Have fun. Oh, and it's Frozen Poll time! Vote early, vote often.


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Yeah, Jaybo's gone, sooner or later. GR did put out one scenario that really no one has talked about. At the deadline, the Panthers are in a playoff position. No progress on re-signing him has been made. The typical deadline trade offers come in, prospects and draft choices neither of which is any help to the Panthers in the teams playoff run. So the team is faced with this decision, keep Bouw and keep alive your playoff chances and lose him for nothing at the end of the season, or deal him and throw away the teams chances of making the Playoffs for the first time in 8 years. JM shouldn't let it come to that and should trade him as soon as possible and begin putting the team together to start the season without it's Captain, best player and best blueliner of the past few seasons.That isn't going to happen overnight.

Jay's put the Panthers in a very tough position. DeBoer's willing to use this season as a sales pitch to get him to stay, but the fans aren't. I don't want him to get the feeling that the fans are turning their backs on him by saying he should be traded... but honestly, he turned his back on us first.

I'm still moderately optimistic that some good could come of this, I'm just not sure what I'm hoping for: either him staying, or us getting a great return for him.

if JM knows he's waiting for this season to prove we'll be winners i won't take that as a for sure thing. and if he's not willing to sign now i think we should trade him..

and he in fact is my favorite player so in all if it was assured he'd sign let him stay but that doesn't look to be the case. so make a deal to make us better as a team as i thought the jokinen trade did. we not have gotten back the pieces for jokinen we wanted but i think it made the "team" better and i'm tired of april coming and nothing to look foward to.

Not sure what to root for on this one, but J-Bo seems to have the upper card here. I guess he has the right as he is just going by his contactual rights, but it seems like we lose out if he doesn't resign here. There's no way we get anything close to what Tampa got for Boyle as Boyle already had a long-term contract. I guess we have to hope for the best. Only trade him before the deadline if you can get enough, if not wait until the trade deadline and get what you can get. Buffalo got a 1st round pick and Bernier(essentially Rivet after other trades) at the deadline for Brian Campbell, which wasn't too bad considering the $56 milllion he got in free agency...

if it's clear bouwmeester doesn't want to re-sign here long term - martin must trade him NOW in order to maximize his value. do it before the arbitration hearing so any team inquiring will have their fair share of time to get a deal done. if they can lock up bo long term, they'll offer the panthers much more in return than they would a 1-year contract bouwmeester.

there's alot of rumors/speculation that the senators have offers andrej meszaros, antoine vermette and a first round pick for bouwmeester, as they hare having just as much trouble getting their guys signed. i say do it and don't think twice. the issue with vermette and meszaros is money. the sens are close to the cap and don't want to "overpay" meszaros or vermette in the short term. that shouldn't be a problem for us as we aren't near the cap and should be able to lock up meszaros at $4mil per on a long term deal and vermette at around $3.5 mil per.

toss in a ville peltonen or perhaps one of our extra pricey defensmen and the budget would even out (assuming they had about $6-7 million in reserve for jay...)

It seems Montador is gone...so it would be good for them to get something worked out with Bouwmeester soon so FLA can move on.

Time will tell.

The pressure is on Bryan Murray to do something in Ottawa, we need to take advantage of some of the situations,

We should get more fore Bouwmeester then Tampa was able to get for Boyle as Tampa was desparate because they were over the cap and San Jose knew this

Remember we had Boyle to begin with and we were able to get next to nothing for him in another great Panther trade.

If they are trading Bouwmeester they need to get full value,

Edmonton has the pieces as well and they have a new owner that wants someone that wants to play in Edmonton so Bouwmeester could be their Bernie (Cleveland Browns)

JayBo is really valuable. It's too bad that he doesn't want to stay with us as evidenced by his reluctance to sign a long-term contract. It should never have gotten to this point. A real shame. The Cats were busy resigning Horton, Weiss, Allen, etc and dropped the ball on their best player. JayBo could've been a #1 overall back when he was drafted. Now, even if we get a first-rounder in return, we'd have to wait a few years for that player to mature like we did with JayBo..and this is hoping the draft pick or prospect actually develops. The fans will not wait, especially if the Cats fail to make the playoffs next season.

I say trade him now for equal value (which is alot) or keep him and hope we make the playoffs and then trade him at the deadline if we stink in Feb / Mar. The time is now; no more rebuilding.

It is possible he hasn't signed because Martin hasn't given him the right dollar sign. Time for the Panthers to ante up and pay him the money a star player gets with a minimum 4 years deal. Show him the money. If he won't sign and they only get the 1 year arbitration I would keep him unless a team comes offering a number one pick next year and a top offensive player and some prospects. That team must have a pick next year so there is a chance in the John Tavares sweepstakes with their pick. Preferably a lower standing team. Come trade deadline if the Panthers are in it, see if he will sign long term then decide. But I wouldn't shop him, let those interested show us their wares.

I hope we trade him. He has no character on the ice and for a big boy like him, he gets bullied in the corners. No personality, no drive. Bye Jay, don't let the door hit you on your way out.

ALl I know is this..when he DOES get dealt (which he will) whats the time frame of all the derogatory comments coming out of "Panther Land" on what a dud JayBouw was, and how whatever we got for him is better than him by a landslide.

How could basically the whole league, and most NHL fans around the world have the same opinion on the Panthers be wrong, and a handful of gullible morons that enjoy every dribble of nonsense that falls from the mouth of this loser Martin be right?

Panther fans, enjoy 11th place.

All the reports indicate Martin has been trying to lock Jay up for a while now. They money is there - we're under the cap & under the self-imposed cap. I don't think that's the issue. Jay will get Green to Phaneuf type cash and Martin/Cohen both understand that. So what's the issue? Whether Jay wants to be here and other writers have suggested sources around the league say Jay's tired of the losing & turnover. I can't blame him. Luongo went through the same thing (how ironic that Vancouver is rebuilding, but at least they have the Sedin twins & now Demitra - HELLO MARTIN?!?!?!)

You have to trade him before the arbitration hearing to get full value. He won't fetch us as much as a rental and this organization cannot afford to risk losing Jay for nothing. My personal opinion is that behind the scenes JM, Baltimore & Jay are trying to get Jay to a team that he will sign an extension with to maximize the Panthers' value in return. Let's say a conditional 1st rounder on the condition that he re-signs in addition to whatever players come here.

I love Jay's smooth game and no doubt he will be an elite defenseman in the years to come. But how can you spend 5 years losing in a place where hockey isn't #1 or #1 in the market??? I've said it before, I've never heard Jay say anything nice about south Florida. When he was asked about the warm weather compared to Canada, he responsed that he doesn't mind the cold up there. Weiss, Horton & Jokinen were all public about their desire to be Panthers & to change the losing culture before the signed their extensions. Nothing from Jay or his agent and I think the silence is telling.

I think trading Olli was the straw that broke the camels back. Yeah, it's nice we shored up the D and added depth there, but who is gonna score??? Stillman was a decent signing, but then we miss out on a top center like Demitra & Morrison so we can bank our hopes on Matthias or Frolik instead of letting them naturally develop in the AHL as they should. Instead of making a statement and saying we are going to blend the young core with proven vets to help them continue to grow, we say they need to bear the brunt & we'll see what happens. I support building the organization from the draft and within, but in order to win now you have to bring some talent in like a Demitra or Morrison to bridge the gap. Other teams in our division improved their overall talent and we did not.

If Jay, as a student of game, sees this then he is smart to go to arbitration & play out his last year then sign a max type contract in the city of his choosing. He has no loyalty to the Panthers nor any obligation to be loyal here. You don't see him tied to the community with charitable organizations (hell even Bertuzzi started something in his limited time here) that would keep him here.

Thanks for letting us watch you develop, Jay. Adios!

Big Slap Shot Bob I agree with some to a degree, except getting Demitra & Morrison. We just got rid of a broken down old forward in Stumpel we don't need to replace the deadwood with more deadwood. I would much rather have the young players like Matthias or Kreps get more ice time than old broken down players on a retirement contract. Stillman is great, Bertuzzi I would have liked but not Demitra & Morrison, those guys were a shell of themselves last year. Bring on the youth! Somebody remind Horton we could have picked Eric Staal, now is the time to prove he was the right pick.

Big Slap Shot Bob I agree with some to a degree, except getting Demitra & Morrison. We just got rid of a broken down old forward in Stumpel we don't need to replace the deadwood with more deadwood. I would much rather have the young players like Matthias or Kreps get more ice time than old broken down players on a retirement contract. Stillman is great, Bertuzzi I would have liked but not Demitra & Morrison, those guys were a shell of themselves last year. Bring on the youth! Somebody remind Horton we could have picked Eric Staal, now is the time to prove he was the right pick.

not much you can do if a guy does not want to play somewhere. we are desperate to make the playoffs though, so i say start the season with him and see what happens. if the team is good he may sign long term. if we make the playoffs then he leaves so be it. you can spend the money you would have paid him...7 million a year, on someone else in free agency. there are always guys out there. and maybe deboer and the attitude of this team makes him change his mind


Hey Habswin09 are you guys up in Quebec so mad that the great Habs only losing record all time is to the Cats.

HABSWIN09 i will make a deal with you. I will take all the Florida teams out of the NHL if you promise to take all the cheap, stinking, snowbird frogs out of Florida. Deal?

Nice article, G. Now I understand the arbitration route - it's the fastest way outta South Florida.

I thought the Cats would be in a position to throw enough cash J-Bo's way to compensate for the lack of playoff prospects. Failing that, I'd stick with him and hope that the new coaching staff gives him a reason to stay.

After seeing the Luongo trade, I can't support the "We need to trade him now to get value out of him" argument. I'd prefer the slim chances of a change of heart and a contract extension.

I find it interesting that the players and front office types that leave all leave with the same opinion and that is that this organization is not committed to winning

As expected Toronto signed Joe Nieuwendyk as a special assistant to the GM. This is the same person who left the Panthers saying he wanted to spend more time with his family. He announces this the day after JM the GM is named the new GM.

Luongo leaves saying he wants to play for someone committed to winning.

Now Bouwmeester will not sign a long term deal as the organization is not committed to winning.

How many times as fans do we have to hear that the organization is not committed to winning and that they are just blowing smoke at us that pay for season tickets.

This organization is rated last by the Hockey News we haven't won a playoff series in over 10 years.

If they do not sign or get fair value for Bouwmeester then it should be clear that what these people are saying is true this organization is not committed to winning.

Look at the history of the franchise we have had poor drafts and poor trades. The franchise has only won one trade in its history and both of those players are gone (Luongo and Jokinen)

The ball is now in Cohen's court he needs to show the fan base that he is committed to winning and he needs to show this before the season starts

Yeah, you're right. Nieuwy left because we're not committed to winning, which perfectly explains why he went to Toronto.

And he did leave the day after JM stayed as GM. But it was also the day after he was fired as coach. We have no way to be certain why he left, so stop pretending you're right.

Luongo was surprised to be traded. He didn't leave.

Please, get over yourself.

The Bank Atlantic Center/SSE is one of the top 20 earning arenas in North America and yet the Panthers are losing millions every year according to the owners. If Cohen had his way, he'd replace all 42 home games with- Monster Truck Jams, Celine Dion concerts, Disney on Ice shows and a few more Cavalry Christian holiday celebrations. The owners don't give a cr@p about the Panthers...if anything the Panthers stand in the way of them making more money. If they could figure out some way of getting rid of the Panthers to Winnipeg or Hamilton while keeping possession of the BAC...they'd do it before you could say Buh bye!!! So don't EVER expect- full rosters of quality players, sensible trades, good treatment or adequate pay of players, proper development of prospects, keen scouting/drafting...this team will ALWAYS just bump along the bottom, doing just enough to prevent the NHL from taking away the franchise AND hence BAC (destroying the value of SSE) from Cohen. Every player, agent, mgmt. and owner in the league knows it. That's why they can't get a single elite player to sign here since Cohen bought the team. Face it...Cohen is a smart business man and he say a way to make millions of dollars by getting possession of the BAC...the Panthers are just the "cost" of keeping the BAC. So from his perspective it's best to keep the Panther's "expense" to the financial bottom line as low as possible. Go to the BAC for a non-hockey event and see if they are promoting hockey or other non-hockey events. You'll see that they don't care about hockey...just like Cohen has moved on from being a BIG hockey fan...now instead he's a BIG horse racing fan with his new Arindel Farms horse ranch he bought in Ocala back in 2003. Hockey is dead in SoFla as long as Cohen, Yormark and SSE are running the BAC and the Panthers.

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