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New Coaches, Deal for Anthony

Hulton_2 The Panthers made a few moves today.

First, Anthony Stewart has agreed to take his qualifying offer. It's a one-year deal, although there is still a chance the Panthers could sign him to a multi-year deal.

Also, the Panthers added some staff. The coaching staff is set now, with Mike Kitchen and Pierre Groulx being joined by former junior coach Jim Hulton.

Hulton has had a number of coaching stops in the Ontario Hockey League, most recently coaching the Toronto St. Michaels Majors. Prior to that, Hulton coached at Royal Military College and was also coach at Kingston and Missassauga. Hulton and new coach Peter DeBoer have a long history together, and coached together with Team Canada at the world juniors.

Florida also has a new video coach, bringing in Jamie Pringle from Hockey Canada. Pringle and Hulton are pals.

The bad news is,  Guy Charron is officially out with the Panthers after a number of years of service. Guy is under contract for next season, so if he doesn't land a new gig (I'm thinking he'll be fine) he's still getting paid. So that's cool. Good luck, Guy.

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But still no news on Bouw? GR, in your opinion, will Bouwmeester be on the Panthers roster when the Cats open the season in October?

He won't be, and if he is, it'll only be for a matter of months. Watch the former Gopher dominate this year (if you don't know who I'm referring to, you'll have to look it up).

GR- yeah, any news on JayBo? Also, do you think Anthony Stewart will get more ice time this year now that DeBoers is coach?

if jbo doe not want to play here so be it. nothing you can do. let him play this year, hopefully win and maybe he stays. if not, happens all the time in sports

I'm just glad GR is covering the Panthers. It can't be about Bouwmeester all the time.

Should be interesting to see how DeBoer uses Stewart, if at all, at the NHL level. Martin wanted Anthony to be more of a grinder/checking forward whereas Stewart is more of a scorer's mentality. I'm not ready to give up on him yet. PF typically take longer to develop and there's sense in trading him just yet.

ok, just to review, Stewart gets yet another contract and stiffs like Van Ryn, Murphy and Peltonen suck off the club teet for another season too. Beautiful! Meanwhile JM signs a slow skating over-ager in Stillman and ices Kamil Kreps after letting 6'3" 235 lb 20 points a season better Janis Sprukts go.

No wonder Bouwmeester wants outta this joint. My only question is will the Jaybo bashing start now or after he's traded for a 3rd line center and a 2nd pairing defenseman?

le sigh

did you actually just complain that the panthers let janis sprukts go?

....talk about no credibility....

There was a time I thought Anthony Stewart could develop into a solid NHL player but reality has set in, he is lucky if they have room on the Amerks for him. It better be a two way contract because this guy is a slug.

"The bad news is, Guy Charron is officially out."

How is that bad news? He may be a nice guy but a new coach needs to select his own coaching team and I like the idea of two junior coaches coming in and kicking some Panthers butt. Maybe L.A. will hire Charron as their new head coach.

Charron was in charge of the power play, n'est pas? The same power play that was top 5 in the league.

I cannot believe someone mentioned Sprukts being let go!!! Awesome! He was actually a decent 4th liner in his callups and pretty ok AHLer! Too slow though to really make an impact in today's game.

I wish we had a new ownership team. Maybe I will move to Tampa, where there is hockey buzz, vs what we have here. Even to talk about the topics about this team is sad. This will be my first season without season tickets. I am waiting for a new ownership team, then I will return. Otherwise it is Sun Sports for me.

Best wishes to Bo. He is a good guy and will be an Allstar till he retires.


Anthony Stewart has a lot of potential but decides to just look stupid instead. If he doesn't start performing early in the season he's going to be getting booed by his teams own fans quickly in rochester.

I thought our own 'Tony Stewart actually performed admirably in Rochester. Wasn't he "the most deserving" player called up all those times he was last year? Not saying he's some kind of stud in the AHL, but I thought his only problem was translating his performance over to the NHL.

JM never let Anthony Stewart play any consecutive games on a consistent basis. He was always getting called up, sent down, recalled, sent down, etc. However, Stewart never played with much spunk or pizazz. He seemed lethargic and lost on the NHL ice. Maybe that's why he was brought up and sent down so frequently. I don't know.

I hope that he plays up to his potential this year. We definetly could use a power forward; a guy who will stand in front of the net and score ugly goals. I was suprised to see him resigned. Let's hope it works out this year!

Players have "potential" because they actually HAVE it, not because you wish really badly that they did. Stewart has potential to stop a door from banging in the breeze by standing him in front of it. Stewart has the potential to eat more doughnuts than 20 six graders. What he doesn't have is the ability to magically become a meaningful player in the NHL, when he is already meaningless in the AHL. He's already had the time to prove what he does or doesn't have...and he's been found to NOT have it. Being willfully stupid and intentionally ignorant of who and what a player is, doesn't make you a good fan(or coach/GM)...just a stupid and ignorant one. The same goes for the idea that Stillman, Horton, Weiss, Booth, Frolik, Matthias and/or Repik are somehow going to magically add Olli's missing 70-90 Pts and his playing in 567 out of 574 games ON TOP of their own historical stats. It's just simply not going to happen. These players and 1 or 2 statistically better, compatible, elite players should have been ADDED to Olli, not be expected to replace him...and of course the chances of seeing those 1 or 2 "elite" players is only theoretical. We have not signed an elite player (Vokoun is good but not elite) since Cohen bought this team. The Bure brothers were acquired by Huizenga and "broke-back" Bertuzzi, Neuwy and GR were all well past their "elite" stage in their careers by the time they got here. Getting into the playoffs is all about MATH...Cap space, salaries, man-games lost, goals, points, wins/losses...that's what gets you there. The intangibles- chemistry, hustle, strength, size, speed, effort, sacrifice and love of the game...that's - what seperates first from eight place in the standings and ultimately decides...along with maybe a touch of luck or good karma...who wins the Stanley Cup. The Panthers have had the same MATH for 10 yrs and have finished in basically the same place every year. They make lots of changes to GM's, coaches even players...but if you look at the season before it starts every year...the math is always the same...and the results at the end of the season are the same too.

If your wondering what the "MATH" is?? It's this- Horton and Weiss will have to double each of their goal production just to equal the loss of Olli and that gets them back to a likely point total where their 12 or 13 place in the Eastern Conference. So to get ahead, they'll have to what??? Triple goal production!!! and they'll do this by going from facing a second line defense, that they often struggled with...to playing against a first line defense...Okay, that math doesn't make any sense!! How about, we have terrible defense and we're on the verge of losing our number one D-man. Or that we've had HUGE trouble in man-games lost due to injury and we've aready lost one of our best players and iron-man...now we're losing the other...okay that math stinks for us too. How about we were well below the cap space last year and had money all season to pay for an elite scorer but never got one. This year we have even more space under the cap and again...no scorers signed. Last year we needed scorers, we went out and got McClean, Dvorak and Zeddy. Sorry to say, none of them produced well at all. This year we got Stillman and a handful of AHLer's...and the math doesn't look any better than last year. We resign Rusty and Campbell because of their strength on the penalty kill...yet our PK was 16 in the league last year...so we're going to repeat lousy math. Our Powerplay was fifth best in the league...what did we do...trade away our Powerplay goal scorer with a long term contract for two non-scoring Dmen with expired contracts. Again, BAD MATH!!! If you trust the "GREAT ONE" Wayne Gretsky, you'll know that hockey is a team sport and no one player can win the Cup for his team. So any hope that suddenly Matthias or Frolik is going to be Crosby or Ovetchkin is silly and just wishful, hocus pocus thinking...there's no math to back it up. Look at the Wings...what did they do, they improved their math...they took Hossa away from the Pens. It improved their math and hurt Pitts.

Puck this-

I agree with you completely - only the account exec minions that hang out here could argue.

However, because its so obvious, that there has been no improvement in players (actually a slight downgrade), I have to assume JM has to make a least one more move, a big Offensive move.

Judging by his recent defensive acquisitions, he has to be planning to move jaybo for a big name. Who I don't know - but plenty of teams are looking for defense, and nobody else on the Panthers have any value that would make sense.

If we don't make at least one more move - we go into next season, basically worse than we were this year.

JM can't be that stupid, can he?

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