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Titletown, FLA? It's MIA

Obsign ESPN is doing a series called Titletown, USA.

According to them, Florida's honor falls to a little berg north of Ocala. Not sure if it's Williston or Gainesville or Milton.

'What you talkin' bout, Williston?'

This one, friends, is a no-brainer.

Miami, err, South Florida, is Florida's Titletown.

No offense Gainesville, but this one is what we call a 'no contest.' I mean, you can make fun of Miami demolishing the Orange Bowl all you want; Truth is, the old OB hosted more Miami (and even a few Florida/FSU) championship teams than any other single city -- or county -- in our entire state.


And that's just talking football.

ESPN got this one wrong, so much so, Chris Berman and his short sleeves can't really argue the fact.

Shula Miami (the State of Miami goes from Key West to Deerfield Beach IMHO) has more championships - professional or amateur - than any other region in the Sunshine State. Chop the State of Miami into, well, Miami proper, and the same holds true.

No county in our fair state has bred more champs than Miami-Dade.

Marlinschamps From the Dolphins' pair of Super Bowl wins (one better than Tampa) to the Marlins pair of World Series titles (two more than the 'Devil' Rays) to the Heat's big ring (does Orlando have one?), it's all about the 305, babe.

Yes, even the Florida Panthers were winners in Miami, the Cats winning the 1996 Eastern Conference title while playing in the County of Dade.Heattitle

Apparently, ESPN was talking about collegiate titles.

Guess what? The MIA wins that one too. And it's not even close.

Hey, congrats to the school in Gainesville for winning two basketball titles Gatorschampleak and a football championship within a 12 month span. That is a feat no school has ever done and I don't know if we'll see something similar repeated in the coming years.

Yet UF is still chasing that little private school in Coral Gables for most major championships. The State University from Tallahassee is as well.

Miami has five national football championships, four more in baseball. Florida has two in football and two in basketball. Florida State has two in football and no baseball or basketball titles, but the Noles' track team is racking up championships. Starting a dynasty, actually.

Still, advantage, Coral Gables.

Advantage, Miami.

Titletown, FLA? It's the 305, kids.

Nolestitle Sorry Tallahassee, sorry Tampa (good job with the Stanley Cup, the Bucs and those Arena titles), sorry Gainesville. Boltschamps And, yes, sorry we haven't mentioned Jacksonville or even, really, Orlando.

The truth is in the titles.

Miami is King Orange. 

Miami is Florida's home of champions.

Jimmy_2 Here's your chance to vote on it with a special On Frozen Poll.


UPDATE: This poll has been up for less than eight hours, yet we have close to 800 votes from around the world (but mostly from the eastern coast of the USA). Keep it coming.

Miami, not surprisingly, leading Gainesville by a healthy margin, getting almost nine of every 10 votes.