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Wait Another Day

The NHL usually announces its upcoming schedule on the day after baseball's All-Star Game (in order to maximize exposure since it's the slowest sports day of the year.)

That, of course, is Wednesday.

Was recently told by the Panthers that the announcement would be delayed until Thursday.

Is the NHL still working on this thing?


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Nah, not still working; Buttman has just got to give Yormark time to find the sponsor for it.

"And now ladies, the Florida Panthers 2008-2009 schedule brought to you by Sprunt Feminine Hygiene Products. Just because we stink, doesn't mean you have to..."

Visiting teams are checking on tee times before committing to the proposed dates. Except for the visiting goalies, who won't bother making the trip since the Panthers aren't likely to be taking too many shots on the opposing goal next year...

Haha, funny funny stuff.

Now that Bouwmeester's arbitration hearing date is set, we're now set up for a colossal bad decision rivaling the Luongo debacle. JM says he isn't trading him no matter what. Oh my God we're going to let him go for nothing next year. A great debate about Jay's trade value can currently be found on the front page of www.hockeybuzz.com.

Maybe since the all-star game went until 2 this morning, they are delaying the release until tomorrow? :o)

The Ottawa Sun is reporting an imminent 3-way deal between Chicago, Ottawa, and Los Angeles. If the Kings are apparently looking for defense and goaltending, I'd love to see JM intervene and offer JBO and Craig Anderson in return for Anze Kopitar (assuming that JM could sign Kopitar, since he too becomes an RFA at the end of the coming season).


I don't GET you people. WHAT PART OF CHEAP don't you UNDERSTAND! If this ORGANIZATION wanted to sign good players that command GOOD dollars we'd be in a different situation, than watching EACH AND EVERY BIG TIME PLAYER in this organization walk!

Ask yourself this...IS THIS TEAM BETTER without Luongo, Jokinen, Bouwmeester? What have they gotten back? CHEAP JUNK, PARTS.

Get over it man...NO BIG TIME BUCKS will be spent here, UNLESS YOU are the season ticket holder spending them.

Tough to argue with you, Mr.Obvious, until we see evidence to the contrary from Cohen etc. I'm a season ticket holder, and it's the only charitable donation I make every year that I can't write off on my taxes...

Mr. Obvious is such a retard its ridiculous. Just because you put words in CAPS like THIS (and THIS) doesn't make you're point right. We improved our defense incredibly for a 10-20 point loss from Jokinen to Stillman. The Luongo trade was bad but hmm Keenan was fired almost right after....what more do you want from a mistake like that?

If Bouw wants to leave then we trade him at the trade deadline for the best deal we can and thats all we can do. If someone doesn't want to be here then they DONT want to be here. There will probobly we a fair ammount of #1 d's in next years free-agency and in the draft. Also we still have Bouw for all of next season...

So Pantherfan, how long have you been working for the team?

The proof is in the winning and these sorry sucks haven't come close in a long, long time.

Bou wants to leave because the team sucks and is not likely to suck less in the forseeable future!

You wanna win in this league, you gotta scout and draft better (and that means we have to fire the scouts and get some competent people in there!)

You also have to spend some money on "WORTHWHILE" players, instead of picking up old or marginal FA's and overpaying them.

You people justify the Jokinen trade all you want but truth is it was personal from JM and what he got in return was nothing special he couldn't have gotten in free agency. Adding Stillman is meant then to soften the displeasure of some people who are not happy with losing Jokinen. Sure you got couple of average players but you lost a whole lot more with Jokinen. So the guy had one "bad" season and all of a sudden he was a lousy player,bad character and so on...Give me a freaking break!!!

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