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First Wave

HockeynewsThis isn't the cover of the magazine, but The Hockey News' season preview has been released and they aren't real fond of the new-look Panthers.

It appears to be more of the same to them.

In THN's prediction page, it has Florida 12th in the East, just above Atlanta, Toronto and the Islanders. I think this is very close to last season's predictions as well, which pretty much proved to be right. Your thoughts on the picks are welcomed as always. As a bonus, here are THN's complete preseason rankings.

Eastern Conference: 1. Montreal; 2. Pittsburgh; 3. Washington; 4. Philadelphia' 5. Ottawa; 6. Rangers' 7. New Jersey; 8. Carolina; 9. Tampa Bay; 10. Boston; 11. Buffalo; 12. PANTHERS; 13.  Atlanta; 14. Toronto; 15. Islanders.

Western Conference: 1. Detroit; 2. San Jose; 3. Minnesota; 4. Dallas; 5. Anaheim; 6. Edmonton; 7. Chicago; 8. Calgary; 9. Nashville; 10. Phoenix; 11. Vancouver; 12. Columbus; 13. Los Angeles; 14. Colorado; 15. St. Louis.


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Well they were right this season, and as much as our D has changed, you still need to score and putting the onus on Horton, Weiss & Booth worries me A LOT.

Hopefully McCabe will be a difference maker and Poni is a part of that deal.

Carolina and Minnesota won't be playoff teams.

Phoenix or Nashville will be playoff teams.

They are wrong, we will be worse then 12th.
This organaization stinks!

We might be better than Buffalo and Tampa. Carolina has had our number... Doesn't matter if we finish 9th or 15th, we'll be out of the playoffs AGAIN. Heh, I would rather finish 15th...

Going against the grain, I can't see Tampa being better than us. Sorry, I just can't. Not saying that we're much better but as of today, the Lighting have absolutely no defense.

I just think it's way too early for any prediction, because there are still players as Sakic or Sundin outside available who will change the fate of a team dramatically.
And also a probable McCabe for VanRyn deal is not included. This deal should make our strong defense even better. And then I see us capable of a good season, maybe even good enough for a playoff spot.

Meh...same stuff, different season. Panther fans will know for sure in November if we're playoff bound or not. We're never as good as we look on paper...so maybe we're not as bad as we look on paper either?


What color is the sky in your world?

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