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Florida Maple Cats

MccabeWord is, Bryan McCabe is coming to a town near you.

Here's what we got: Sportsnet.ca is reporting that Toronto d-man Bryan McCabe has agreed to waive his no-trade clause and "could be headed to the Florida Panthers.''

TSN.ca is reporting that McCabe is indeed headed to Broward County, once he gets paid the $2 million he's owed by the team on Sept. 1. TSN is saying that the deal is done; the players have been agreed upon and the deal will go down before training camp.

Jay Bouwmeester, as I wrote yesterday, is not part of this deal and isn't going anywhere. For now, anyway.

We'll see what happens, remember, these are just rumors (or for our Canadian visitors, rumours.)

Here is the TSN link; here is sportsnet.ca's link.

I spoke with JM this afternoon and he just kind of chuckled at my questions regarding this deal. He's not going to say anything until he wants it released. That's how he operates. But this deal passes the sniff test, and I think it's going to go down.

Here's the story I have running in tomorrow's editions of your Miami Herald.

The sad part of it is, as always, is who moves on. In this case, it looks like Mike Van Ryn will be leaving his adopted home and headed back to the Great White North. A class guy if there ever was one, Ryno will be missed down here. But, I would expect he'll be back at some point in his career, in some capacity

Van Ryn has made a home in South Florida, living in Davie with wife Amber. “This is my home now,’’ he said. “My second home is my first home.’’

When I spoke to Mike earlier this summer, he told me he had a feeling something might be going down, and said he would be surprised to be playing for the Panthers this season. Of course, it may not by Mike going north. But I think, with little doubt, he is.

And that sucks.

In case you missed it, here's the story I did on Mike a few weeks ago. Of course, our website is pretty lax in the archive department. Believe it or not, to read a story I did on July 30 -- which has disappeared off the face of the MiamiHerald.com map -- I have to link to CBS' Sportsline.

Nice, eh?

Anyway, thanks CBS Sportsline for picking up our slack. Now, here's my story on Mike Van Ryn, courtesy of CBS Sportsline. Again, it's CBS Sportsline and Mike Van Ryn.


And, thanks, CBS Sportsline...


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Didn't JM like our defense?!? How about a forward who can score. I guess JM's logic says how about another defenseman who can score. Interesting.

I hope this deal goes through. It looks like JM is stockpiling the D, and hopefully the forwards come in return for J-BO somewhere down the road.

As far as VanRyn goes, anyway we can get rid of that salary is a bonus. I believe he is in the $3million range. That is way too much for nothing in return. Yes a nice guy, but defintely not worth the gamble that he comes back healthy. If you can get rid of him, do it ASAP...I would rather take my chances that McCabe counces back than Van Ryn. Yes McCabe makes more, but there is value in his contract down the road...

If this trade does go through, I say J-BO gets traded sooner than later. There are rumors that Weiss and/or Horton could be involved in a McCabe package. That is interesting also, but I would say we would have to be getting a center somewhere in the deal in return....

I don't believe Weiss/Horton are going anywhere signed to the cap-friendly long-term deals that they have.

The rumor du jour is that the deal is McCabe & Poni(whatever!) for Van Ryn-Booth. Poni is a top 6 forward. I had him on my fantasy team and he tore it up before he got hurt. He's a good young skilled forward. Losing Booth royally sucks b/c he's a fan favorite and busts his hump night in and out. But I do understand that JM may think Booth overachieved and doesn't have much higher a ceiling - so trade him while his value is at its highest.

I still love Booth and he will be missed.

This could turn out to be a great trade for the Panthers. Something many of us are not used to seeing. Van Ryn, as much as I like him and respect his loyalty, I would trade him in a second for McCabe. Unfortunately, Van Ryn has too many question marks regarding his wrists. Exchanging his somewhat expensive contract for McCabe's is a smart salary cap move when you look at what you may be getting for the price. We could be paying Van Ryn 3mill+ for the next couple of years for a guy who has a bum wrist. Add the couple million to that which MCcabe brings and it is well worth it for a guy who probably needs a change of scenery. He won't have the media on his back down here and may be able to return to top pairing form without having to worry about getting crucified for every little mistake. Our defense starts look pretty impressive with McCabe back there, especially if he can return to his old form.

Bouw McCabe
Allen Ballard
Boynton Skrastins


Bouw Ballard
Allen McCabe
Boynton Skrastins

This D looks real legit. Best in SE, Top 3 in the East.

Boynton is an expensive third pairing guy, we're the only team stupid enough to trade for a 3million plus #5 d-man but JM would make up for it if he can swing this McCabe deal.

Good thing our D looks real solid because we will have trouble scoring goals.

The talk about giving up Booth is ridiculous. I would not support this franchise if this was the case. We finally have a fan favorite and a 2nd round pick that has exceeded his expectations.

Good points on the Weiss/Horton contracts. I think part of it is that I'm not a big fan of Horton and Weiss is decent , but more like a 2nd or 3rd line center. Sometimes a change of scenery is good for players, as it should be for Olli and hopefully VanRyn. I know Skrastins makes more than they would like, but I like him. He plays a good role, blocks shots like Svehla used to(just not as much offense), and seems to be a godd team guy. We were overpaying for Ruslan Salei also before the trade, and I'd rather overpay Skrastins for Salei personally. Yes we are pretty loaded for D-men, but hopefully it gives us options for future trades...

As far as Booth is concerned, yes it's nice to see that we finally got a draft pick that looks like he has succeeded expectations. I love his determination and drive, just wish it would carry over to Horton...So as far as trading him, I would hope it would only be if there were legit players coming in return. His stock value should be high now and you have to give good players up to make deals, but I would rather they didn't if they could avoid it. Personally, I'd trade Horton in a heartbeat for fair value, Weiss and Booth only if you have to make a good deal go through...

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