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The Rumor Mill

MillThis is what I got for you all today.

Story is, Mike Van Ryn is for sure going to Toronto, Bryan McCabe coming back. He's cool with coming with Florida and will waive his no-trade to play for the Panthers. This is coming from two very good sources in Toronto, from people I trust.

Have also gotten word from inside the Panthers organization that this part of the deal is complete. The Leafs are desperate to get rid of McCabe's contract, to the point where they were thinking of buying him out.

My thought: They'll take Mike and his two years and hope Mike's wrists are all healed and they've got a bargain. Worst case is, they can buy out Mike's final year; that's a lot cheaper than buying out McCabe with three -- or next summer, two -- years remaining.

Florida and Toronto are still talking about other stuff, and it appears someone is going with Ryno to Toronto. But, it won't be anything major. Perhaps Radek Dvorak, maybe a younger player who is on the roster bubble. Forget reports that Stephen Weiss or David Booth would be traded. That's not happening. Same goes for Jay Bouwmeester.

-- Saw some former Panthers at Incredible Ice working out today, from Roberto Luongo to Eddie Belfour to Ruslan Salei. We're getting closer...


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Is Horton also on the forget about it, won't be traded list?

Hey George thanks for the great work keep it up. Hope Barry J isn't driving you too nuts. Really miss listening to Neil Rogers, SoFla's number one hockey fan.


And another question. Reports in Toronto say another player besides McCabe is coming to Florida. Hear anything about that?

Could be Anthony Stewart going the other way - hopefully. Won't cry over Dvo or Pelts or any of those guys either.

thanks for the update GR!

Radek or Ville involved in the trade? I'd be disspointed if it were Dvorak. Both are UFA's after the season. Toronto can have Anthony Stewart, Ville Peltonen, Janis Spurtks, Drew Larman, etc; all these peripheral guys.

Who will be the other Toronto player involved in the trade?

haha seriously, send KILGER back to the leafs too while theyre at it.

no current players working out at Incredible Ice I guess Jokinen not being around means the team does not work out together in South Florida

Getting McCabe means they are prepared to lose Bouwmeester.

Does McCabe have anything left in the tank? Is all lost with Bow?

Yo GR, I was just wondering, whats your thoughts with this being randsom for Sundin? I know its a longshot, but if Belak is really an influence, do you think McCabe could be an asking of Sundin for him to sign here?

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