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Dishing it Out

IcecreamA couple of Florida Panthers were scooping out ice cream in Weston on Tuesday night, Noah Welch and David Booth getting into the fun at Coldstone by creating their own concoctions while hamming it up for the fans who kept wandering in.

Stanley C. Panther was there as well, creating havoc as usual.

As you can guess, slow news day.

Only a few more days 'til hockey.

-- The Panthers are on the list to have a game broadcast by NBC this season. Of course, the Peacock is more interested in the Penguin. That sounded gross.


-- The NHL's Board of Governors didn't even talk about expansion at their meeting on Tuesday. That doesn't mean that putting a team in Las Vegas by the time its new arena (plans to) opens in 2010 isn't a hot topic within the league.

-- Enjoy the 2010 Vancouver Olympics; might be the last time we have NHL guys going for Gold.

-- Will Mathieu Schnieder end up with the Kings. Maybe.

-- A couple of New York Rangers are looking for fresh starts with the Blueshirts this season.

-- Give it up to Eric Lindros, former Flyer/Star/Leaf/Ranger, donating $5 million to the London, Ont., Health Sciences Center.


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George, think that there is any chance of the Panthers relasing their camp roster today???

George, what type of icecream did you have? Isn't Greg Campbell resign for 2 more years? Why did he have to relenquish his number to Nick Boynton?

Good for Lindros, takes a lot of heat, an odd character, though a good guy for doing that.

So yeah, is training camp on saturday open to the public?

-- Training camp is open to the public; starts Saturday @ 10 am. Get there early. Going to be food for season ticket holders, Goldie and an equipment sale.

-- I had Noah's ice cream creation of banana/vanilla with Oreos. Good stuff.

-- Campbell did not give up his number. He's been wearing No. 11 for a while now.

-- I think the TC roster is set. Who are you looking for?

Nah I just wanted to know if some of the rookies get invites... and if so who? Im pretty sure they get invited to the preseason, and they start getting laid off as the season approaches, correct? We had guys like John Lee go all the way to game 4 or something...

Thanks in advance George!

Think camp is going to break after the Montreal preseason game next Sunday. Of course, if some of the kids look really good, they could make the trip home to get more of a look. But with the Panthers fully stocking Roch this year, I think most of the guys headed to Roch will be going there after Montreal.

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