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For Entertainment Purposes Only


Vegas, baby, Vegas!

The latest NHL odds are out courtesy of vegasinsider.com, and if you want to put a few bucks down on the Panthers, well, good luck to you.

Of course, with the odds the Panthers are getting to win the Stanley Cup, you could really rake it in if they actually pulled off the miracles of all miracles.

Those of us more realistic might want to lay down a few clams on Detroit (4-1 to win it all) or Pittsburgh (11/2), San Jose (10-1) or Montreal (10-1). Good long shots in my humble opinion: Calgary (30-1), Chicago (35-1) or Edmonton (50-1).

The Panthers are down toward the bottom, currently 50-1 (by my math, a $10 bet would bring you something like $200 if Florida won it all. Or $500. Whatever).

Of course, I would never encourage anyone to bet on sports, nor could I ever condone it. But if you're going to do it anyway, well, here are the latest odds. The way I look at it, the kids are going to find the information somehow. Might as well find it here, you know, where it's safe.

4/1: Detroit; 11/2: Pittsburgh; 10-1: San Jose, Montreal; 12-1: Dallas, Anaheim; 15-1: Rangers, Ottawa, Philadelphia; 18-1: Washington; 20-1: New Jersey; 22-1: Carolina, Minnesota; 25-1: Colorado; 30-1: Boston, Buffalo, Calgary, Nashville, Vancouver; 35-1: Chicago; 40-1: Toronto; 45-1: Tampa Bay; 50-1: Edmonton, FLORIDA. 60-1: Atlanta, St. Louis; 75-1: Islanders, St. Louis, Phoenix; 100-1: Los Angeles.


-- In case you missed it, here is my story on Richard Zednik from today's Miami Herald. Thanks to the good folks at Buffalo General who were so nice and accommodating when I visited in July, as well as Drs. Robert McCormack and Les Bisson.

Also, a shout out to the good folks over at Piccasso's Pizza in West Seneca. He's the guy who sent over a ton of chicken wings and pizza for Richard, his family and the nurses and doctors at Buffalo General back when Richard was stuck there. Had lunch there back in July and enjoyed it. It's close to the airport, so if you're in the hood, check it out.

-- Here's the TSN version of my story.

-- Also, here's the short I wrote on Keith Ballard and the six-year extension he agreed to on Tuesday. Would have been longer, but we had the Zednik story going and needed all the room we could get for that one.

Anyway, I think it's a good signing, only based on things folks around the league are telling me about Ballard – I still have yet to meet the man. If his upside is as strong as the Panthers think it is, this one may be a home run. We're going to have to wait and see, however.

-- Some guy named Mike Van Ryn says he feels pretty comfortable being with the Maple Leafs writes Tim Wharnsby of the Globe&Mail.

-- According to Pierre LeBrun at ESPN.com, Brendan Shanahan wants to remain in New York City. 

-- Chip Alexander writes that the WhalerCanes want to sign Eric Staal to a long-term deal before camp starts.

-- Jason Pominville wants to sign long-term with the Sabres says Friend Of On Frozen Pond (FOOFP) Johnnie Vogl of the Beefalo News.

-- Wayne Fish tries to figure out who will be the next captain of the Flyers. Been keeping me up nights, I must admit.