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LIVE! From Calgary, it's Florida Panthers hockey

CatscalgaryCALGARY -- Yeah, that's an old photo, but it's all I can work with up here. Can't get my camera phone to send through Canadian wireless.

So you're stuck with a picture of David Booth (wearing No. 46) celebrating in front of former Florida goalie Jamie McLennan.

The rest of this post will be fresh, I can assure you.

Sitting high above the Saddledome in a chilly Calgary, Alberta, where fall is in full swing. The leaves have already begun to change colors and it's going to be cold enough tonight to set records if we were in South Florida.

It's 8:28 MiaTime, and the two teams have taken to the ice for the first time this preseason. Calgary in its usual home reds, Florida in its road whites. Todd Bertuzzi is on Calgary's first line tonight, and he has given up his usual No. 44 in exchange for for a No. 7. Says it's in honour (I'm in Canada) of Phil Esposito, whom he grew up idolizing.

More as we go. Must say, it's good to have hockey back.

-- Don't know if it's on in the States, but NHL Network is showing the Kraft Hockeyville game between Buffalo and Montreal right now. We have 4:50 left in the second, Habs up 1-0. Check 'er out if you have the means...

STARTING LINEUPS -- FLA: Campbell, McLean, Dvorak, Bouwmeester, Cullimore, Anderson. CAL: Bertuzzi, Iginla, Backlund, Sarich, Regehr, McElhinney.

-- The Anthems are done -- and done well, actually -- and we're ready for hockey.


-- Panthers on their first power play of the preseason less than two minutes in...

-- Youngster Keaton Ellerby getting his shot on Florida's second PP rotation...

-- Bo just popped in a puck only ref Ed Hochuli had already blown the play dead...Panthers on three-second 5-on-3, so, an extended power play...

-- FYI: The game is being streamed live by Calgary's 690 the Team. Good folks over there. Link is in a post below...

-- Panthers have 17 seconds left in extended PP; have six shots while with the advantage, but alas, no goals...

-- Jassen Cullimore takes Florida's first penalty of the preseason.. Calgary on PP at 6:20...

-- Craig Anderson looks to be in midseason form...dude making some serious stops...

--Frolik just had a good scoring chance, only he couldn't handle the puck...the young kids looking good out here...and Andy just made another sweet save...

-- And the Panthers go back on the PP, Brett McLean drawing the penalty....we have 7:01 left here in the opening quarter...just kidding, I'm in hockey mode...

-- This sucks: Calgary Hitmen play host to the Edmonton Oil Kings here tomorrow night. Should I go cover the Panthers in Edmonton, or sit in the stands and root on my Oil Kings? Tough one, yep.

-- Booth, Weiss, Bo, Olesz and Murph on Florida's opening PP unit...

-- Booth just takes penalty eight seconds in...we're even at 4-on-4..

-- Panthers back on the PP, 3:55 left in the opening period...

-- DEmpiresportswriter_2on't forget, On Frozen Pond goes LIVE! throughout the preseason -- save for the Islanders game on Prince Edward Island on Saturday night. So don't forget to check back on an hourly basis throughout CanadaWeek.

--Calgary putting on a nice shorthanded charge, getting Murph to take a penalty at 2:24. 4-on-4 for 29 seconds, then Calgary PP..

--We're through one complete here in Calgary, with no score. Shots even as well, nine apiece...

--Oh my: New sandwich at Tim Hortons is a Bagel BLT. Look's like me and Steve X are hitting the Timmie's in Red Deer tomorrow. Glad I scored that Timmie's gift card this morning.

-- Ready for the start of the second...

-- Bryan McCabe not dressed tonight FYI


--Repik heads to the box, Calgary PP at 2:15....

--Eating my first popcorn of the season at 4:35 of the second...

--Rusty drives the net...no go...good look though...

-- Marlins lose again tonight, FYI

-- FLAMES tie it up; Dustin Boyd top shelf past Craig Anderson at 13:02 of the second...tied 1-1

--Culli goes to the box for the second time tonight, this time for holding w/ 1:43 left in the second.

--Iginla makes Florida pay for that one, scoring with 44.2 seconds left in the period. Also, top shelf. So, it's Calgary 2, Florida 1

-- End of two periods in Calgary, Flames 2, Panthers 1

-- Of Florida's 17 shots tonight, seven by Weiss-Booth-Frolik. Frolik has three of those seven...

-- PS: Keep up the banter on the comment section...good stuff coming from all around...I'm enjoying the comments...let's all plan to meet up tomorrow night, cool?

--Anthony Stewart with a big chance..he's playing very aggressive...me thinks he's out of JM's doghouse (finally)...

-- Panthers back on the power play at 2:12 of the third...holding the stick your call...

-- Anderson still in net...good thing too...Andy makes two more nice saves as the Flames kill off the penalty quite successfully...

-- Larman heads to the box, he'll do two minutes and feel shame...Calgary on the PP at 5:24

-- Anderson just took a hard shot to the face/neck area off stick off Jamie Lundmark..went down in a heap...he's talking to Dave Zenobi now, fixing his mask...is good to go and is staying in the game. Good to see...

-- Frolik with another good chance..dude is playing well...now Bert flies up the ice, misses...

-- Timeout with 11:43 remaining in the third...both starting goalies still in...


--Panthers 0-for-5 on PP, but getting another chance here...9:06 left...

--Five minutes left...




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Thanks for being our eyes george. Being originally from Canada I know how cold it gets. Listening on the fan and lets hope the cats get off to a good start ... enjoy the game

just heard the calgary radio guy say he thinks the panthers could be really good this season. nice to hear optimism from someone outside south florida

Thanks for the coverage, GR.

Been listening to Fan960 for a while tonight; terrific effort has been expended splitting time between Flames and Panthers interviews, news, etc. They really know how to do it up, and keep it non-biased between the two clubs. Lots of good stuff about the Cats.

Do you mean video or radio when you say stream live????

Hey george I'm probably the only panther fan listening to the game online on 960am and we def seem to be pressuring them. Sound good soo far.

Yeah isnt it great to hear another broadcaster givng potential props to th CATS. Then again its funny listening to Calgary commercial for fried Pork Rinds.....LOL

Good to hear from everyone tonight, hope you're enjoying the game wherever you are...

Nah Stephen you aren't alone. Alot of us from the Cats Message Board are also listning. ESP the Cowbell Crew!!!

Ellerby seems to be pretty active soo far

Nice SAVE ANDY!!!!!


George is Frolik playing today? It keeps sounds like they are saying his name

Yeah seems that ANDYis in mid season form....

And Tony "Baby Bull" Stewart is still playing with the chip on his shoulder!!!

yes frolik is on the booth weiss line steph

Sweet I hope frolik and matthias make the team

I don't care what people say i think we def have a small but the most dedicated fan base in all of south florida.

another pp come on guys lets put one in...
All those penalties against the flames can only be because we are outworking them right ??

George is Mcabe playin tonight??? Tsn.ca was saying he was dressed for tonight but I havent heard his name yet

Stephen: we're all on 960, bro.

GR: Frolik's getting a lot of face time with the broadcast team. Sounding good.

BTW...is Mike Rogers, part of the Calgary broadcast team, the same ex-NHLer Mike Rogers? As in ex-Whaler from 1980 or so? If so I met him a couple of times when I was about 9 years old when he was with Hartford. Good dood.



Seems like an active line booth weiss and frolik

Whaler: Yup, same guy...

Hey George, hope you're having a good time up there in Calgary. Shoutout to all the other panther fans on here! Great to be back for panthers hockey! Looks like that picture of Booth scoring was a precursor to the first goal tonight.

How have Repik and Frolik looked? I keep hearing Frolik's name. Is he controlling the puck and looking dangerous? I think he's a great winger for Weiss and Booth, much better than Zed for them.

Def agree as much as i love kreps and peletenon of they have to be the odd guys out to get frolik and matthias in there soo be it.

PR96: Both guys have looked good, and while it's way-to-freaking early to tell, you might be right about Frolik...kid looks good out there...time will tell...

George i know it was just practice but on saturday the moves and speed frolik was showing i can def see him making an impact seems like that pavel bure type we used to have if you ask me

Frolik IMO is similar to Havlat or Elias. He has speed and moves, but he's not totally one-dimensional. He will throw the body and work hard defensively too. Not a one way player. I hope Frolik can end up being a poor-man's Gaborik for us. He's your typical exciting European playmaker and he's got one heck of a wrist shot.

Btw Stephen: While I agree with you on Peltonen, there is absolutely NO WAY I would give up on Kreps. Master-Jedi-Scout Rick Dudley repeated got hyped up over him, even after he was fired, and I've liked what Kreps brings. He was effective last year but he could give so much more IMO. He's got the size, is quick and a good skater, and has good hands and a nice, quick shot. He's also defensively aware. Kreps could absolutely be part of this team's future and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see him score 15 goals this year. In the future, he could be a powerplay threat as well. He's a very skilled player and I'd prefer him on the roster rather than Matthias if it came down to those two.

damn it

edit: i meant repeatedly*
Damn, 1-1.

I agree kreps def made strides last year and besides campbell and dvorak was our best penalty killer. And yeah your right i would keep him but as much as well all live belak would you take him over matthias or frolik. I mean i think we have a few guys on our defense who could fill his role if needed too.

Question to all as we get past the Boyd goal: Will any potential success by Frolik, early on in the exhibition season, have an impact on Matthias? And who would he replace if he sticks?

I think if matthias and frolik show they are worthy it's belak and peletenon scratched


Peltonen and dvorak should be scratched imo

not dvorak heres our best penalty killer

I dont agree.... I think Campbell olesz are way better

I just don't think belak is worth having out there for what he does i think ballard and boyton can be that guy

Yes but I would rather have Belak sit out 5 min after sending a message than loosin Boynton or Ballard for 5.


How has the team looked? Has there been more of a concerted sense of attack that Deboer is supposed to bring?

I wonder who zednik will be paired with tomorrow.

Give deboer time. He had 2 1/2 practice.Half of these guys dont belong in the NHL... wait for oct 10th you will see it.

If you're going to throw smaller skilled guys like Frolik, Stillman, Weiss, Kreps, etc.... onto the ice, you need someone who can defend them to keep them from getting cheapshotted or targeted. Belak scares the hell out of the other team. We need him dressed so no one messed with our top guns. If he's not in, some of our guys will be tossed around like rag dolls without consequence. Ballard is NOT an enforcer and Boynton is valuable to our defense. Btw Cullimore needs to go. So many people loved him but he's slow. He played well beyond his means his past year and exceeded expectations, but that was with a paperthin, injured defense. No place for him on the team this year as he's simply not fast enough or better than any of our other defense (save for Murphy possibly).

lol sounds good how about harveys, Red Deer tommorow at 12:00

No goalie change george???

I think murphy is wasteless i'm sorry he's too small to be a dominant defenseman. I'd rather bring ellerby in and release him.

Belak has his place. Lose him and watch Booth, Weiss, Zednik, et al get all sorts of roughed up.


Momentum is swinging. Time for DeBoer to shine.

Ok now that its a tv timeout.... sorry to shift subject but man what a sweet win by the dolphins...
ok back to hockey

Jesus christ all I hear is frolik frolik frolik he sounds awesome



Come on Pete..... Weiss Olesz Frolik Bouwmeester Murphy
lets be 1 for 6

Ive been following the game on real play (since even canadian sports channels dont have visuals) and froliks name wont stop comin up...the kid sounds amazing...finally a PROMISING rookie who might actually meet his standards

Olesz is.. awesome. :D

Stewart fans on the shot. Ho-hum.

Stewart was AWESOME in the preseason and physically dominated other teams along with Horton in the first couple training camps with Florida but then he wilted for some reason. If he can use his speed (which was phenomenal at one point) and size, he could end up being an impact player still. He's not a bust.........yet.

He wilted because he lost his mother in the middle of the season

He's through the looking glass, PR96...this is his last chance. The injury early in the 05-06 season ruined him.

they finally showd highlights on sportsnet and boy does it feel good to watch panther highlights on tv wow. anyways from wat they showed frolik is playing very well and olesz looks very fast...this team's ready to play

McArdle skated circles around him over the weekend. That's the kid who deserves a shot. Most impressive.


jay bo

I think bou will be staying around when he sees how good we are i love bouw

Great Great Game by our guys this wasn't even our best group. Excited to see what we have coming this up season. Great Game Guys GO CATS!!

Good job Cats.....

All you panther guys on here and george i respect you all very much and i can honestly say i'm glad to be a panther fan with ya'll cause we are true fans! Hope to see you guys @ games! we talegate all the time so if ya'll wanna hang come on down

Good stuff. Congrats PeDe on your first win. Many more to come!

588-2300 Empire Carpet ... lol it's the Empire Carpet man.

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