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LIVE! From Coral Springs

RegiskellyIt's 9 o'clock on a Saturday and the regular crowd has shuffled in.

Billy Lindsey is sitting next to me, I'm drinking a Diet Coke, not gin.

With many apologies to Billy Joel, it's Hockey Day in South Florida, the start of Florida Panthers' training camp just a few minutes away. Coming to you from the Breakaway Grill on the second floor of Incredible Ice, folks milling around below me checking out the Panthers gear for sale.

Nothing happened so far, and the ice still needs to be resurfaced before the Cats take to it.

But we're here, ready to get this season started.

-- Reminder: Jonathan Zaslow and Randy Moller are currently live on 790 The Ticket; I'll be joining them here momentarily.

-- And yes, Billy Lindsey is here about to take on my Miami Herald crossword.

-- It's 9:30 and the first bunch of Panthers have taken the ice. First guys out: Rostislav Olesz, Michael Frolik, Shawn Matthias.

--We've got bagels!

-- Goldie's here. Brian Goldman and Justin Copertino too..

-- It's 9:56 and Peter DeBoer has gathered his team, drawing up some plays on the board. If you're on time, you're late. CAMP ON...

--OK, something is up with Bryan Allen.

He's not out here today, and he hasn't been skating with the group in the past couple of weeks. Word yesterday was, after his physical, he was sent to Incredible Ice to do some skating. So, it could be something as simple as a groin injury slowing him.

EDIT: Jassen Cullimore is here, working on the second rink.

-- It's 10:50 and you haven't missed a whole bunch. Lot of skating, some shooting. Pete DeB seems to be fairly animated when players appear to be loafing, saw him barking at a number of players and banging his stick on the ice.

-- Wade Belak and his surgically repaired shoulder look OK; will see what kind of action he gets in during the upcoming scrimmage. Zamboni is on the ice getting things ready, will be back with scrimmage news.


-- While we're waiting, here is today's stories on the Panthers courtesy of your Miami Herald.

First, here's David J. Neal's column on the Panthers needing more actions and less words. And before you ask, Fibber McGee was an old-time radio show. And this is my notebook, leading with Nathan Horton.