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LIVE! Scrimmage II

Arena2 The Panthers are currently practicing at Incredible Ice, the second scrimmage of the season about to go here soon.

It appears Bryan Allen is being held out of these initial workouts for the second straight day after having some minor knee surgery a few weeks back.

Here are the team rosters, a split I assume will pretty much get us through the first few exhibition games in Canada. For instance, team A may play the opener at Calgary, with team B playing the following night in Calgary. And so on, and so on.

Team A: Stillman-Horton-Olesz; Peltonen-Kreps-Frolik; Glass-Matthias-Meyer; Duco-Brine-Calla; Ballard-Boynton; Welch-McCabe; Caruso-Henry; Ellerby-Fitzpatrick; Vokoun-Plante. Out: Collins, Belak, Delory, Syvret.

Team B: Booth-Weiss-Zednik; Campbell-McLean-Dvorak; McArdle-Sprukts-Stewart; MacIntyre-Larman-Repik; Cullimore-Bouwmeester; Skrastins-Murphy; MacDonald-Beaverson; Aston-Garrison; Anderson, Beckford-Tseu, Shantz. Out: Sweetland, Jenks, Comrie, Allen, Robak.

-- UPDATE: It's 10:53 and the Zamboni is out clearing the stadium rink. Come on over, another good hour of hockey remaining...

-- GAME ON...two 30 minutes halves...

-- Ten minutes in, no score...here we go again...

-- Craig Anderson just made a big save...heading to the 20 minute mark still scoreless...

--  Anderson with another big save...robs Shawn Matthias...

-- We've now gone 20 minutes today, and 35 minutes yesterday, without a goal....that's a long time of scrimmaging without any scoring...

-- Finally a goal; Ville Peltonen with 6:35 left in the first half, White up 1-0 (and 3-0 overall)....

-- We're at the half here in South Parkland...White 1, Blue 0

--David Booth puts one in four minutes into the second...Blue 1, White 1

-- Jassen Cullimore puts in another goals for the Blue, they lead 2-1 with 12:20 left.

-- Anthony Stewart scores an empty netter with a little over a minute left...3-1 Blue...

It's a final: The Florida Blues 3, the White Stripes 1

Good day from Coral Springs. Enjoy the football. Will see you tomorrow -- unless I come up with some more junk later in the day. So make sure you check back, ya hear?


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I'm going to look at it this way...our defence is dominant which is why there is no scoring...therefore when our forwards play a weaker defence, like TB's for example, we should see some scoring, lol

i was there yesterday. i'd say some play stood out for blue repik might have been the best player maybe even overal.

the defense did play great. there were offensive chances. just some bad passes. bad ice at times, guys kept losing the puck

i did enjoy the practice the most, seeing all the guys sucking air and looking like they were moving in slow motion after constant skating drills

Hey Mike, you see any scouts over there? How is Cullimore looking?

Who is Mike?

Hey GR, great seing you there today. Its so hard to really gather anything substantial from the scrimmages. Its much more of here, put on these skates and go play, much moreso than having set lines etc and playing against "another team". Still the overall effort is there and the team speed looks to be excellent.

The first really telling story will be by the 3rd and 4th exhibition games to really be able to see who has stepped it up vs who is lagging and could be in trouble.

Yeah who the hell is Mike? This is George friggin' Richards territory!

Hey GR ask Mike Caruso for a short interview for me lol, he is kickass.

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