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Calgary Stampeding


Truck The Panthers are done with South Florida for a week, their charter scheduled to leave sunny Fort Lauderdale at 12:30 today.

Looking forward to a week in tropical Canada. FYI, it's 48 in Calgary right now. And that looks like that's as warm as it's going to get this week. Hey, at least I get to break out the winter coat.

Peter DeBoer split the teams in two today, with one side being NHL regulars and the other being Florida's minor leaguers. Kenndal McArdel, Shawn Matthias and Michael Frolik worked with the big squad.

DeBoer said today he wanted to do that because he wanted to have his core group together at least for a day. With six preseason games in as many nights, he's splitting the team up into two, so having most of the NHL guys practicing as one isn't going to happen until they return next week.

-- DeBoer said this group is the one that will play tomorrow in Calgary: Booth-Weiss-Zednik; Campbell-McLean-Dvorak; McArdle-Sprukts-Stewart; MacIntyre-Larman-Repik; Cullimore-Bouwmeester; Skrastins-Murphy; MacDonald-Beaverson; Aston-Garrison; Anderson, Beckford-Tseu, Shantz.

That means the other team goes Wednesday in Edmonton, with the Calgary gang facing the Oilers in the rematch Thursday night.The complete breakdown, as it stands now, on the previous post.

-- News: Bryan Allen participated in all of today's work, and DeBoer says he'll play sometime this week. Wade Belak still being held out with the shoulder, he'll play against the Islanders on Oct. 6.

-- Prospects Adam Comrie, Corey Syvret, A.J. Jenks and Colby Robak were returned to their respective junior teams on Monday. The Panthers are traveling with 50 players.


-- Friend David Shoalts writes about Bryan McCabe. Hope I showed you a good enough time while you were here, D.

-- The Rangers' Wade Redden gets a homecoming in Ottawa tonight.

-- The NHL returns to Kansas City, if only for a night. The Blues take on the Kings.

-- Al Montoya getting a fresh start out in the desert. Say hello to Olli for us, would ya?


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Hey George have a good trip to Alberta and will be reading for your reports

So, you still on board with the Penguins or can I convert you to a Flyers fan?!

Do you think Shawn Matthias will start the year in Rochester and if so how long

I would be surprised if Matthias wasn't on Florida's opening day roster...we'll have to see though...

Thanks for the update.

Agreed on Matthias. I think we didn't pick up another forward in FA because Martin saw how Matthias played during his callup last year. The kid can clearly hold his own at this level.

The interesting thing will be whether Frolik also stays up with the big club. That will be very interesting!

Sounds like Frolik is so far impressing, which I like to hear.

By the way George, no worries about the weather, we are an unseasonally warm +24 celcius today in Saskatoon!!!!
PS: I was a little sad that we didnt get another Panther exhibition game at the CUC this year. Last year was so much fun!!!

hey George I've been an avid reader of your column for over a year now (checking in at least 3 times a day at work and what not, and i do have a life lol).
First of all hats off for being the leader in Panthers media and by far, so keep up the great work. Second of all I am from Montreal (I'm not french dont worry) and I have been one of the biggest Panthers fans (if not the biggest) since day 1, and Im only 21 years old. That being said, I got myself some good tickets to watch all 3 games the Cats are playing in Mtl this year (including this Sunday's pre season game!!!) and Im even comin down to the 305 on my birthday in March to watch games in Florida like I've always dreamt.
Anyways I dont know if you'll be in montreal on Sunday but if you're not I can give you all the info on what happens during the game, even during the warm up. And if you do go, I wont be hard to find, ill be the only one amongst 21 273 fans to wear a Panthers jersey lol. truth hurts.
Also I wanted to know if theres anything we can do like going in the dressing room in mtl or something because its my dream to meet the players. Let me know.
Until then make it a great one.

George - Not to read too much into small things this early in the year, but do you think it's a bit strange that DeBoer is choosing to play Bouwmeester in the Calgary game as opposed to the Edmonton game (Bo's home)? This might not have factored into his decision-making, or it might be DeBoer's subtle way of sending a message about "team first"... any thoughts?

Cory: Wish I was going to Saskatoon as well. Had fun there last summer.

Steph: Thanks for the nice words. I will be in Montreal as well -- you think I'm missing a trip there? Don't know about a meet-and-greet, although I will pass your message along to the higher-ups and see what they say.

Mark: I really don't think it's a statement to Jay; he's going to be playing in Edmonton soon enough. If Pete's schedule stays true, Jay would play Tuesday against Calgary, take Wednesday off, then play at Edmonton in the rematch game on Thursday. With back-to-back games against the Oil, he would have missed one anyway.

Hey George, any idea the status on Kilger? Is him coming here a dead issue? How long do we have his rights if and when he decides to come back to the NHL?

Hey Steph.
Im from Lachine. If your from montreal youl know where that is. Ive been a die hard fan since 93 as well and just wanted to share that bein a Panther Fan in Montreal is no easy task. Ive been to every game since 95 at the molson and bell center....
Anyway just wanted you to know your not alone bro lol

thanks a lot george that would be great
and matt lmao i didnt know there was another one....im always at the bell center too and ill look for another panthers jersey but i never find any thats not a junior panther lookalike jersey

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