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Panthers at the Ballpark (OK, Stadium)

029 Live from Miami Gardens Stadium in, um, Miami Gardens, it's Marlins baseball. With a hockey twist.

Jacques Martin and Peter DeBoer are here, taking in the Marlins/Braves game. Big crowd on hand, as usual, one that would pack the few rows of bleachers at Incredible Ice. 034 No matter, should be a good afternoon of baseball.

JM has already done an interview with Fox's Craig Minervini, with Pete joining the Marlins broadcast crew of Tommy Hutton and Rich Waltz during the fifth inning. Game is on FSN Florida, so feel free to check it out.

What else could you be doing today? Working?

031_3 Not this guy....


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You have the best job george. Congrats.

Hey George, I heard only 600 fans showed up today? Harsh, I mean I know its a weekday, 1pm, people are working, kids at school, scorching heat, but still harsh yah?

600 at the start of the game, about 1,000 shuffling in and out. The Marlins only have themselves to blame. A 1 p.m. Wednesday start in September? When the Braves get-away is to Atlanta and the Marlins have the next day off? I wouldn't sit out in those orange seats in the September sun, would you?

Sweet Ride. I love the Mag

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