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The Old Arena Comes Down

Dscn0315 Well, if you haven't said goodbye to the Miami Arena yet, you'd better hurry. Just got a call from a reporter on our city desk telling me the big pink hatbox is being imploded come Sunday.

Sad end to an arena that may have been outdated the day it opened. Still, it was our arena. It helped bring South Florida sports into the big time. Remember what it was like down here before that arena opened in 1988? No basketball. No hockey. No baseball, even.

Well, we had minor league baseball (yes, to those who may not know, the Miami Marlins were a minor league team down here for almost four decades, kicking off in 1956.)

Anyway, I loved the old arena and have missed watching sporting events and concerts in there. Of course, I'm not a skybox kind of guy, so the arena not having them (the sky boxes they did have were literally in the sky -- they were above the 200 level in the rafters) didn't bother me none.

Actually, I did get to watch a Miami basketball game from one of the boxes one night. Dennis Erickson was there. He probably doesn't remember the game. Heck, I don't either. It was a long time ago!

Did a poll earlier in the summer on your favorite moments in the old barn. You can still vote right here. Included below is a set of pics me and Joe Ibis took at our last trip to the Arena. In 2004, we heard John Kerry was holding a rally there. We're not politicos, but figured this would be our last shot to get into the building. We were right.

RIP Miami Arena: 1988-2008.

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