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Back to the Office

BananaAfter a couple of days off, the Panthers return to the ice as a team once more Wednesday morning at 11.

I'll be heading out there momentarily with updates following lunch with Goldie.

Seems like a long time since the Panthers were last at Incredible Ice. I mean, last time we were there, the roster was at 54 players, Peter DeBoer had yet to coach in an NHL exhibition game and three South Florida newspapers still covered this team. Yep, been away a while.

I mean, we were in Canada so long, their government has asked if I'd like to vote in their upcoming election.

Looking forward to getting back into the routine. But that's probably a few more days away.

Will be back.


-- Few things ever cracked me up like Olli Jokinen pronouncing "Antero Nittymaki.'' Don't even know why. Well, the Flyers goalie is back from surgery.

-- Sports writing legend Red Fisher is back with the Montreal Gazette this year, and with the Habs celebrating 100 years, he reflects on his favorite moments covering them.

Reggie -- I know I've been remiss in talking about the death of actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, a man I was lucky enough to meet and spend a few minutes chatting with a couple years back at Homestead Speedway before an IndyCar race. Seemed like a really good guy, like all the stories you heard were true. Anyway, Stu Hackel does a spot-on obit for the guy hockey fans will always remember as Reggie Dunlop. Definitely worth the read.

-- The Caps have made some cuts and are doing some practicing. Good stuff. Fun stuff. For the kids.

-- The Champs are making some moves..

-- Bad news in Beefalo; Paul Gustad could be out a month with a bum thumb...

Milano1 -- And thanks to Puck Daddy for the kind words. In case you missed it, he called your's truly not only fantastic, but prolific as well. Wow. Anyways, Puck Daddy likes the new gear the NHL is marketing to the ladies. And if Alyssa Milano likes it, I do too.