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Black Tuesday

Bac2 I take no joy in writing this.

None, whatsoever.

But a few of my friends - our friends - lost their job today.

The Panthers put at least 10 of their loyal employees on waivers today, folks who stood up for this organization over the years. People in sales, charity, PR.

All of this blamed on a crummy economy.

Michael Yormark, whom I hope to speak to tomorrow, broke the bad news to his staff earlier this afternoon. From all reports, he delivered the news with a heavy heart. From what I've been told, five of the cuts came from his sales staff.

I have put in a request to interview Mr. Yormark, but don't know if that will happen. We shall see. This is what I have heard:

- The team is no longer matching employee money in their 401(k)

- Those who have tickets to the 'specialty' clubs will not be allowed in 30 minutes early as has been the case. This is said to save quite a bit of money.

- Overnight/express mail has been banned. Employees have to have approval to FedEx/USPS anything.

I take no joy in writing any of this. But our economy sucks. And it's costing some people their jobs. It sucks. Big time.


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Wow... that stinks. And right as the stock market makes a big bounce back up... what a shame.

I am very sorry to hear about the labor cuts. Its a very tough time out there for most people. I only hope they are all able to land on their feet and find new employment soon!

Terrible news.

Not to get TOO political, but....

When the new (if polls and MSNBC are to be believed) presidential administration gets their way with a completely Democratic Congress, up will go corporate and payroll taxes on business. And that will lead to more stories like this one.

Hope those cut find work soon. Ugh.

'That Sucks', hate to call BS on your comments, but every single time a Democratic party nominee is nearing winning elections, the same old tired rhetoric gets trotted out, and yet it NEVER happens.

I remember this BS when Clinton was coming into office, and none of this fear-mongering you are spewing came true. Same BS is spread everytime a minimum-wage bill is proposed, and that BS never comes true.

So spare us the rhetoric that has NOTHING to do with these hard working people losing their jobs, and keep your political bias out of this discussion.

Any idea as to whom the ten that we let go were? I have become tight with a number of the people at the Panthers and would hate to hear that one of my friends is gone!

not any different than most companies i know.

Maybe NOW it's time to realize that the team has no place in south florida. Been a fun ride, but the experiment is not over.

The Panthers (as most of the NHL fanbase has known for YEARS) would be better served by relocating up north. Seattle would be ideal. Hamilton is not a bad option either (if the Leafs would let it happen). Kansas City has a beautiful new arena and is dying for a team (along with a natural rivalry with the St.Louis Blues).

Time to wake up and smell the coffee; hockey left south florida once Beezer retired and took the Rats with him.

This is nothing new regarding the Florida Panthers. I know many former employees of this organization in a number of departments and let me tell you, this is in-line with what they do every season. There are always massive layoffs, the employees are working in sub-standard conditions and the organization as a whole is a joke.

I heard they are considering a second team in Toronto? This would be the franchise to move. Heck, at least Alan Cohen could get some money for his investment. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Not a surprise the economy is hurting in every city. The stockmarket sliced everyones' savings in half and because of that I will cut back on going to games. It is reality. People are cutting back and businesses are cutting back. A sign of the times.

Pretty funny hearing this BS about the Panthers not belonging here. Since Bettman just reiterated how the team is going NOWHERE. A second team in Toronto, hah Leafs will guarantee that wont happen, Seattle? Both of their other sports teams are floundering. Florida is doing just fine. The "experiment" is just about to start paying off. So take your relocation garbage elsewhere.

Catfan is 100% on point. The panthers are going nowhere, and every industry is fee;ling some pinch with this economy. My sympathies to the employees let go, and I hope a winning team emerges so that the seats sell out (yes in a bad economy good entertainment prospers for escapism) and all ends well.

If Michael Yormark is indeed concerned about the financial situation of the Florida Panthers he could probably straighten out the whole financial difficulty the team faces by firing the two people that hurt the Panthers, specifically, and hockey in South Florida in general. Himself and Jake the Snake Martin (apologies to Jacques Plante)Then Fantasy LeaguePlayer Alan Cohen can hire a real GM like Jay Feaster who could rip up the contracts of non-NHL level players like Campbell, Murphy and Peltonen and bring some players in. Where's the Panthers going right now? My guess is either Seattle, Las Vegas or Hamilton Ontario.

yeah, good luck getting an interview with Yormark. If you e-mail him and I know many people that do ( season tix holders) and get back a 8 word reply.

FIRE MARTIN his stinking ASSISTANT GM SEXTON whom does nothing and hire one guy to do both jobs....DOUG McLEAN is a good choice!!

Here is yet another example of why Florida does not deserve the Panthers. If the so called "loyal fans" would attend games, maybe the team would not have to cut jobs.

It is too bad that we are in this ecomony based on good ole Jeb's brother's administration.

GO McCain.
GO Rays...

opps losers on both

The economy is not only affecting the Panthers. People are losing their jobs all over the place? I am amazed at the negativity for the Panthers for doing what everyone else does. It is sad anytime companies have to downsize, but this organization is no different than any other. I don't know the executives, nor do I care to, but I am sure they are running the business to the best of their ability.
For the previous poster: I would not expect to receive a response from the president of the Panthers, Heat, marlins, Macy's, Burger King, etc. - I expect him to have people to respond to those things.

An unfortunate turn of events for these 10 folks. Given the current state of the economy, it's not surprising.

However, it's hyperbole to insinuate that the release of 10 individuals from their employ is indicative of an impending relocation of an entire franchise.

They probably didnt need the 10 people. I guess if they kept them, they wouldnt relocate. lol.

@PantherFan: Ted Leonsis responds to hundreds of e-mails a day and last time I checked he was the head of the Caps. But then again, why would the Cats want to emulate what the Caps are doing. I mean who wants to average 17,500 a game, be in first place and have one of the most exciting teams in hockey?

move the team to Seattle? they couldn't even hold on to the basketball team.

Vote Obama!
Everyone should wear their panther jersey on election day!

So Yormark has this big job fair prior to the season..he and his crew con these potential employees into believing they have this great future..
They get hired, they buy there mandated rep clothing, they work their collective back dides off to get advertisers and season ticket subscribers.. Now after Yormark ahs squeezed all of the juice out of them, he starts the layoffs, with more to follow..
This is a very bad organiazation, with hidden agendas, and a back woods carnival like atmosphere..
Cohen needs to fire Yormark, before he ruins what is left of Cohens diminishing good name..

Yormark is nothing but a hack used car salesman who has listened to too damned many Tony Robbins CD's while he plays around in the Panthers gym.

This guy is the worst kind of "sports entertainment" marketing scum who lives for one thing only: competition with his brother at the Knicks, regardless of what sports traditions or people get trampled in the process.

Rot in hell, Yormark. You are Clownshoes.

Thank you RockLives and person below him for telling it like it really is at the Florida Panthers!

To those who replied to my Toronto comment, I simply suggested that they SHOULD move this team. Not that the layoffs were indicative of the team moving. I know some of you are die-hard Panthers fans out there, but let's face facts.

Yormark's brother works at the Nets, not the Knicks. Good point, nonetheless.

10 jobs cut yet money was found to sign Jassen Cullimore. Hmmmmmm...


Funny...you all blame a person in a co/orgainzation. the economy sucks because people spent more than they had, and then could not pay the piper. People are losing jobs all over and in every organization. to blame one person is idiotic. When auto interest rates went to 0% we should have been nervous...we rode a bubble for a while and right now the beast is taking a breath and will start to blow a new bubble soon. so be patient and be thankful to be alive and if you are so lucky to still have a job, be thankful for that as well and stop moaning about one person creating havoc. Its larger than all of us...its larger than McCain or Obama...Its Life and if you dont like it, get off the ride.

I'm certain that Yormark took notice of the sellout crowd at the BankAtlantic Center last night, and my guess is we'll be seeing Barack Obama suiting up at center for the Panthers tonight against New Jersey! ("Panthers' GOOOAAAL... scored by number 08, Barack OBAMAAAAA.... assisted by number 18, Joe BIDENNNNN...")

Maybe blaming one person is not fair, so lets add that perpetual loser, Alan Cohen, into the mix. Always "next year" eh, Alan?

You might have a knack for business but you know exactly dick about hockey. You hire this slick-talking caricature of what a salesman is in Mike Yormark, you let him act like a complete douche and sell every inch of visible space in the rink and every minute of silence is filled with someone rambling on about this promotion or that.

ALAN COHEN --> You suck too (not as bad as Yormark, but you are getting there...)

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