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Cullimore Signs...New Contest...Cats Give Back

Cullimore Cory Murphy is going to be out for a while with with a strained shoulder, so JM signed Jassen Cullimore to a one year deal. Immigration issues could slow Cullimore. If he isn't here for Thursday's game, Wade Belak could take the sixth D spot.

Weiss and Campbell didn't practice today, questionable for Thursday.

Pete DeBoer said one or both could practice on Wednesday, but if they don't, they probably won't play against the Sens on Thursday.

-- Best of luck to my friends at the Bank who won't be around there anymore. If I can do anything for you, don't hesitate to call. Or email. Whatever.

-- Practice on Wednesday at Incredible Ice. Starts at 11.

-- Our pal Puck Daddy is looking to give some Panthers tickets away. Good ones. Against the Wings. Only thing is, you have to come up with 10 reasons the Panthers are cool. Not saying that's going to be hard or anything, but I've heard of less challenging contests in my day.

-- The Panthers took time out of their day to spread some cheer at two South Florida children's hospitals, visiting Chris Evert and Joe DiMaggio today. I know the guys get more out of it than the kids do, and that's saying something. I know these kids enjoy meeting the players and the mascot and all that, but the guys enjoy doing this, enjoy giving back. Here are some photos thanks to Tenille Lively and the Panthers:

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Cully's a good guy but I'd rather Welch or Garrison be in the lineup IMO over him personally. I'm not the biggest fan of his speed although he gets the job done. Of course Murphy is going to be out for a while. Great guy but too small and fragile for the NHL. Definitely not our Rafalski.

If Cullimore can play like last season, I'm glad to see him on the roster. Unlike PanthersRule, I'd take him over Welch (though I don't know about Garrison, but regardless Rochester needs him since he's their leading scorer - sad but true).

Cullimore in a limited role is a very steady defenseman who fits in well with the physical style of the team, even if he's a step slower than the rest of them. I'd have preferred he been signed and played ahead of Welch from the start.

Meanwhile, what the hell's up with our defense? Three injuries including 2 key injuries in the first 8 games?!?

You do realize that the only way Welch is going to progress (or we'll find out if he's a dud) is to play, don't you?

Cullimore was excellent last year. A +21 on THE PANTHERS is no small feat. Glad to have him back.

You all do realize welch is gonna be playing now that allen is out so don't worry about him he will be in for a long time

I haven't been to impressed with Welch. Glad to see they signed Cullimore. He played much better last year than I ever expected. He deserves to play. Good move by JM...I think people take Weiss and Campbell for granted with them out of the line-up it hurts. Campbell is needed on the penalty kill. Weiss out of the line-up and Booth is a nonfactor. Weiss gets the puck to Booth. That game without Weiss reminded me of all the games we lost last year when he was hurt. Weiss is more important to the team than people give him credit for. Panthers without Weiss and Campbell are simply put terrible. The game in St. Louis was pathetic.

really glad to have Cully back in the fold. I dont think of him as Smurph's replacement but more of Allen's fill in. Once McCabe and Allen return (hopefully all by the trading deadline) we will have a trading chip in a defenseman who can be dealt for a scoring forward.

Good acquisition. Cullimoore was a steady defenseman last year and I'm sure he'll play the same for us this year.

The Diminutive One is too small, hence his nickname. His only asset is his abilty on the powerplay, and you know how bad our power play is. JM put Murhpy on waivers ealier this season and no one claimed him, and it wasn't because of his salary either.

Haven't been too impressed with Welch so far, so the signing of Cullimoore is a good thing. Welcome back!

I like signing Culli right now with Allen, McCabe and Smurphy going down. He gives us a veteran presence and lets Welch develop without being thrust into a role he's not ready for. Smurphy going down will not hurt us - I'd gladly take Culli over him any day of the week so I actually consider that an upgrade.

I read Smurphy hurt the same shoulder that kept him out 30 games last year too, which makes this signing all the better.

Also read elsewhere that McCabe may start skating this week - can you confirm, GR?

It took 3 injured Dmen to get him signed. Being slow in the new NHL is a big problem in itself, but with with this type of team built on speed and moving the puck, he doesn't fit the model. We just didn't have a choice.

Is the childcare's hospital a cancer specialist hospital?

Please sign any player who will ignite the team for a full 60 minutes. As a season ticket holder since the beginning, they take too much time off game in and game out.
As for "being over a player", Nathan Horton disappears for periods at a time. Why did he get such a big contract? Make the playoffs or I'm out of here!

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