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Hitting the Road, Again...Cullimore's Back...Dandy Andy in Net

Bandit2 The Panthers practiced in Coral Springs Friday morning (while the Senators enjoyed the cozy confines of the Bank, but...) and will be off to Tennessee in the coming hours.

As expected, Jassen Cullimore was here and he's in the lineup tomorrow against the Predators. Pete DeBoer says "we have no choice" and that Cully is playing whether he's ready or not. For the record, Cully says he feels good and that he had a good practice. Seems very happy to be back with the Cats.

To make room, Shawn Matthias was sent back to Rochester. PDeB says this may not be a permanent move, and that Shawn could join the Panthers this weekend if deemed necessary. After watching this offense the past few games, I think any help would be welcomed.

Craig Anderson gets the start in net tomorrow against the Preds, giving Tomas Vokoun plenty of time to visit friends in Music City. Last year Vokoun didn't get such a luxury, Florida flying in and flying out. This time they get a little time to visit the town. And good for them. Nashville's one of my favorite road stops. Wish I was on this trip.

Also spoke with Stephen Weiss, who says he's feeling better, the time off allowing his groin injury to heal a little better. He's not going on this trip, hopes to be back on the ice when the team returns for two days of practice come Tuesday.

-- Bryan McCabe also participated in the full practice and I would think he's on the trip to Nashville if for nothing else but to keep practicing. Would not be surprised to see him in the lineup come Sunday in Atlanta, although I would surmise he probably doesn't come back until the Cats go to Los Angeles.


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Where was the offense last night? Man, I'm so glad The Office was on last night. It gave me a 1/2 hour respite from the boring game.

Why send Matthias down, if you might just call him right back up.......

Why not put Weiss or Campbell on IR and keep him on the roster? We do not have any extra healthy players!!!!!

What if someone tweaks something in warm-ups again!!!!!!

Or has he been sent down but still travelling with the team?

Maybe some more of our guys should be on 2-way contracts, so they can be sent down when they don't perform....I know it's too late for that, but it's frustrating to watch all this average talent....This team needs to keep Belak in as the enforcer, but also go out and get an agitator(Barnaby, Tuutuu, Kaleta, Burish, Downie, Avery, Tucker,etc) type or two...anybody with talent would be a bonus. There is no fear in our forecheckers and they aren't performing to justify keeping them in there, so go out and get somebody that can skate, check, and muck it up....someone that drills people into the boards, plays aggressively, and will make the other team's think twice about who is coming to hit them...Sorry to say, but Kreps, Peltonen, Zednik all need to be replaced. I know it won't happen overnight, but we need more...

like i always say.this team sucks

It's dejavu all over again

we can't score a goal and they send down our only potential
Scorer? So what, we pay to see Peltonin?rediculous...

Ah the brilliance that is the listening public.....Eh George!

It should by now be obvious to all that, regardless of what he says for public consumption, Martin is now in year two of his three plan to build the Panthers into a playoff team from the goal out. Year one, Martin acquired Vokoun and signed a number of young players to reasonable, long term contracts. Year two (i.e. this year), Martin traded for D (Ballard, Boynton and McCabe), drafted for D, called up young prospects and failed to resign J-Bo, who will very likely be traded prior to March 4. Year three, with plenty of cap space, the Panthers can be expected to focus on offense.

I see and totally your point there Zen. However its to early in the season for me to think along those lines.

I need to see "some" results now or its going to be another loooooong season. There are playerss on this team who have yet to step it up and play the game they should.
Its very disheartening to see Nathan is a veritable no show on the score sheets thus far. And while I fully expected David Booth to struggle a bit more as opposing teams now realize he is a threat and will treat him as such, I still expect him to break out sooner or later. But he will have to adjust.

I know sooner or later Zednik, MacLean, Olesz, and others will get there goals, its just a matter of time. Yet here we are again in our dreaded month of November and we are already looking Up in the standings. Granted its only 3 points but this month has some incredibly tough stretches that will either prove we are going to be seriously in the hunt or will bury us leaving us in dire straights throughout the season. Its good we get the West Coast Swing out of the way early but this team needs to get points out of it or we could be in trouble.

hey people...there's not much here on the farm. Matthias may be part of the future for the Panters, but he has been mostly invisible here in ROC. we're 1-9 with no end in sight. no vets signed to our squad and a boatload of ECHL-caliber guys filling the roster.

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