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LIVE! From the kinda-sorta Opening Night

Pressbox Back in my usual spot atop the Big Bank in Sunrise, getting ready for another exciting night of Panthers Preseason Hockey!

OK, so I'm really not all that stoked having seen this bunch five times already. But it is cool since save for a couple of holdouts, most of the team will be on the ice for this one. As reported earlier, Stephen Weiss, Radek Dvorak, David Booth, Jassen Cullimore and Karlis Skrastins are not playing tonight for various reasons. Noah Welch is the healthy scratch, bringing Florida to 20.

Those are the only scratches tonight. The Alternate caps: Bryan Allen, Bryan McCabe and Cory Stillman.

Remember, weekday night kickoffs at 7:30; 7 p.m. on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. Been quite some time, and I forgot.

FYI: Game tonight broadcast on 790 The Ticket, so limited LIVE! updates.

-- Old pal Jon Sim not in the lineup for the Isles. He scored in the third period of their win the other night against Boston, so I guess that gets him the night off. Good for him. Rick DiPietro in net for the Isles, Tomas Vokoun going for the Cats.


-- They just announced that tomorrow night's Janey Jackson concert has been postponed. Denis Potvin is both upset and angry about this announcement. I can't calm him down!

-- Anthony Stewart takes the first penalty of the night...6:51 into the first...



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Anthony Stewart has looked good again tonight.

Hey George... why did Kreps switch from 54 to 28?

And George, one more thing, sorry for being a pain in the ass right now lol, I got all the questions seeking you for the answers, I got my tickets for opening night, the tickets(s:108 r:18) online were said to have AvMed All Star Cafe access, how does that place work, and how can I confirm that? I bought them anyways because they were cheap seats, but thats a nice fluff... would like to know more about it... if you know anything... thanks George!

hey george, think olesz will get suspended? i think it was a clean hit just caught the guy with his head down and unfortunate his head slammed into the boards.

Panthers looked good, saw more guys in the slot in one game than in the last 3 years combined, great to see a style to play to win instead of playing not to lose.
Having said that, there were too many give aways by the defensemen, we need to cut those down, hopefully it will come soon.

Now the big question is who stays and goes, we have 4 more cuts or putting guys on the injured list.

Stewart looks like he is staying


Just went to the PB Post and saw your article from the Panthers what happened to Brian?

Stewart has put together an excellent pre-season...let's hope he can continue this once the real season starts.

I would love to see him become a rising force on this roster.

Opening night is just days away...I can't wait for this year to get underway.

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