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It's Time for Atlanta

PepsiSUNRISE -- Back in South Florida after a very nice flight home from Raleigh. First time on JetBlue and I gots to say I was very impressed. Nice people, nice plane, good television. I think I''ve found a new airline.

Anyway, flight was fine save for the joker sitting next to me. Guy named Steve. Really annoying. Never shut up. All he wanted to do was talk. He says he'll be at the hockey game tonight, so it really is a small world.

Don't have anything new to give you, just letting everyone know I haven''t forgotten about you. Liked a lot of what I saw out of the Florida offense last night, although the defense and goaltending left much to be desired. That, I believe, will change. Unfortunately I think the offense will change too. This team is still going to have to be creative, but I liked what David Booth brings to this team, and I really liked Cory Stillman's all-around game last night.

And those of you bagging Tomas Vokoun already can give that one a rest. Dude had a bad night. He knows it, we know it. Once again, TV showed his character as he was one of the first players to come out into the room to face the media. He wasn't shying away from anything, and the only person he criticized was himself. That's called accountability and I hope guys on the team noticed. You mess up, you face up to it. TV has always handled himself well here since coming to Florida, and I'm glad that hasn't changed.

Keith Ballard and Nick Boynton, who didn't have the best debuts last night, also came out to talk. And they were very critical of their own play. I think that's telling. These guys are not afraid to take the blame and move on.

That can be very healthy and very liberating. Don't let things linger.

And tonight's a brand-new night.

Hope to see a bunch of you out there -- especially those who won tickets in our giveaway earlier this week.

The home opener is only a few hours away. Just don't bang on those cowbells too loudly. I still have a headache from that guy Steve talking my ear off on the flight. Hope I don't see him tonight. But I have a feeling I will.

-- Hope you all enjoyed FSN's feature on Peter DeBoer and the interviews with his buddies in Dunnville. That was a fun trip. I enjoyed meeting all those guys. Thought Mitch Rubenstein and Frank Forte did a nice job with the piece.

-- If you need an early hockey fix, Josh Friedman of 790 The Ticket will be broadcasting live from the Big Bank today starting at 4. I'll be joining him sometime in the 4 o'clock hour so there's your warning.


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JetBlue is the shizzness, right George? I mean... tell me whatever you want about all those other flights... crappy movies, all that stuff... but nothing can top live streaming TV, I feel like I am at home... besides the 30,000ft of missing ground below me :P

p.s. I hope Steve doesn't read your blog George, that would be quite funny though lol.

Actually, I slept the whole time as did Steve, but it was nice. The seats were comfy, plenty of leg room and the TV/XM Radio was more than solid. Even if they didn't have the live TV, full XM Radio is good enough for me. Will be flying them a lot more this year. Don't know why I never tried them; had heard a lot of good things.

GR - TSN is reporting that McCabe broke his back last night. have the panthers told you anything regarding his injury?


It was brought to your attention last year that COCA COLA is synonomous with Atlanta, not Pepsi. Dude, you are one thick DUDE!

Pepsi originated in New Bern, North Carolina. So, next time we visit the Divercanes, you can use the Pepsi reference.

Coke, Atlanta-...Pepsi, New Bern N.C.

Other than that, I enjoy your reads.

Just for good measure, did you know that Coke is known in Atlanta as "Georgia Champagne"?

Obviously someone is new around here and is not familiar with GR's sense of humor (or humour as the Canadians would say).

And yes, JetBlue is quite nice. When I go back to New York, I almost always fly them. Their terminal at JFK kills all the other airlines' (better food, free wireless).

I think we're both wrong. I've been told Atlanta is known for its "Diet Rite." Agree to disagree....And I love that Cheerwine they sell up in Carolina. The diet stuff is pretty good too...

Ok Georgie my buddy, However they DO NOT have a "Diet Rite" museum by the "Underground" in Atlanta..It's known as the Coca-Cola Museum.

Oh yeah!

Cats Win!

Excellent blog! I couldn't agree more about Vokoun. The guy is as stand-up as they come, and I am thankful we have him the net.

Over the course of the last 6 periods (+ an OT), the Panthers' defense has been pretty darn good. Only allowing a little over 50 SOG in two games gives me hope. I can remember a time (like 6 months ago) when Anderson stopped 50 shots in ONE night! I'm eager to see what this defense (and offense) can do once they've had a few weeks to start gellin'.

Hey George, Panthers looked pretty good last night at the BAC. Defense was good and Booth was on his game. I think one big difference between this game against the Thrashers and the game in Raleigh was that TV was on his game in goal against the Thrashers and wasn't the night before.
On thing: I don't think I've ever seen a 5 on 3 against the Panthers so quickly in any game ever. I mean you blinked and it was 5 on 3. What was up with that?

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